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Controversy / Morality


who should get free tuition? 2011-01-07 (closed)
In today's world, illegal immigrants are able to get in-state tuition even when legal residents m...
What do you find offensive? 2011-01-06
This is a school project, so try to answer as accurately as possible. If there are any questions...
What do you find offensive? Political 2011-01-06
This part of the survey is based on how someone sees stuff from a political angle. Based on poli...
What do you find offensive? Cultural, ethnic and racial 2011-01-06
This deals with issues related to society, such as etiquette, cultures, stereotypes, social cause...
What do you find offensive? psychological, human and animal behavior 2011-01-06
this is the last survey, but is based on how we percieve and react to human and animal behavior.
Crime 2010-12-28
if you were eaten alive 2010-12-24 (closed)
Me and my buddy was watching a documentary the other night about tribal cannibals... One group of...
What is your soul worth? 2010-12-18
questions to determine how much do people value their souls
What about children's Beauty Pageants? 2010-12-14
Are they good or bad, supportive or harmful to children?
Moral dilemmas #1 2010-12-07
Morality is a notoriously contreversial subject. Different people have different opinions on what...
Medical Marijuana 2010-12-06
Questions about medical marijuana and the public opinion of it.
Publics view on Designer babies 2010-12-01
For assignment
Are you a racist? 2010-12-01
This poll describes a situation in which you must hire someone, and requires you to choose betwee...
Drug of Choice 2010-12-01
What is your drug of choice?
Abortion Poll 2010-11-28 (closed)
Hi, i'm taking this poll because I have a final project due in my Individuals and Families in a D...
Do you have a problem with this? 2010-11-28 (closed)
This poll is to measure you opinion of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgendered peoples.
Drug Abuse in the family 2010-11-24 (closed)
A project that I am currently working on.
Good or Evil? 2010-11-23
The title is self-explanitory, though i don't believe its just one or the other. This poll is str...
Weed or Cigarettes While Pregnant? 2010-11-12
Which is more harmful to a fetus whiles pregnant... Weed or Cigarrettes?
obesity 2010-11-09
if you care about obesity take this poll
Would you design your own child? 2010-11-07 (closed)
Soon, scientists believe that we will be able to alter human genetic DNA. This means that we coul...
Hunting for Sport: Morally right or wrong 2010-11-07 (closed)
I am doing a history fair project that discusses hunting as a recreational activity. I want to kn...
** WHITE AMERICANS ONLY PLEASE ** Does race make a difference between Whites, Biracials, and Blacks?
Modern Day 2010-11-07
Modern Day
Assisted Suicide Public Opinion Poll 2010-11-07 (closed)
This is a group project for poli sci. Please take a moment to fill out the questions. Your answer...