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Controversy / Morality


Boot Camp 2011-03-23 (closed)
Test of the community's desire for punishment of a youth offender.
Want to own your own mafia? 2011-03-22
Please note, I chose this category on purpose. Please do not recategorize. (good mafia, not the ...
Richard Dawkins - saint or sinner? 2011-03-22
Do you think Richard Dawkins is a force for good or for evil?
Some questions for guys 2011-03-22
This poll is NOT meant with the implication that either option is better; rather, it's meant mere...
adult males 18-30 hugging 2011-03-21
What is your attitude on hugging other males
Marilyn Manson vs, Mike Murdock, Marcus Lamb, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Paula W 2011-03-16 (closed)
Marilyn Manson vs. the men and women of Christian television Who has more integrity? This is a s...
Racism 2011-03-16
This is for an English project so I would greatly appreciate it if you answered this poll. Thank ...
You’re Standing on Ethics, Religion, and Science Part II 2011-03-12 (closed)
This survey is a continuation on a study, designed to see how religion and science shape your mor...
Canadians vs. Americans- Who's nicer? 2011-03-12
I am having an argument with one of my friends and I need some outside opinions.
Bariatric Surgery 2011-03-08 (closed)
Bariatric Surgery
Cars with automatic seat belts 2011-03-08
Cars with automatic seat belts
Sexual harrassment: primal or legal justice (Women only) 2011-03-04
You have been groped at the breasts by a male. It was not your boyfriend, husband, or other frie...
A poll to restore our faith in humanity 2011-03-04
Please enjoy the poll!! Its a bit long but i hope you like it
Breaking Morality 2011-03-04
A poll to see what it would take for people to break the law, ignore common morality, or disregar...
Same-Sex Marriage 2011-02-26 (closed)
I am doing this ccontroversial issue for my Senior Project and I am in need of your help!
Do you get spanked? 2011-02-26
Do you get spanked?
Are you meant to be a heavy smoker? 2011-02-26
Are you meant to be a heavy smoker?
Live in prison or death ? 2011-02-17
Assume you have be convicted of a crime and are given two choices: 1) Life imprisonment with a...
There may be a war coming 2011-02-05
I'm not trying to scare anyone, but had a dream once about a future war in the U.S., and believe ...
Freedom of personal choice 2011-02-05
This is a poll about finding out how many people think that you should be able to live your life ...
Is it better to be Feared or Respected?? 2011-01-25
would you liked to be feared or respected from public??
Racism and sexism amongst youth in the United States 2011-01-13 (closed)
I'm trying to figure out what makes youth so apt to making fun of someone, for instance, because ...
Should Pennsylvania make a law banning the use of cell phones while driving? 2011-01-13
Should Pennsylvania make a law banning the use of cell phones while driving?
What is your drug use history? 2011-01-10
This is for my ISU in data management
Is Cussing in Public Socially Acceptable? 2011-01-10
This is a poll to determine if cussing in public is socially acceptable.