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Controversy / Morality


Male VS Female in Canadian family law 2011-06-22 (closed)
Do you believe men and women are treated differently when it comes to all aspects of the Canadian...
What Would You Do? 2011-06-18 (closed)
I will give a bunch of situations and i want to see what you would do during them. Some will be L...
Would you sleep your way to the top? 2011-06-13
Would you sleep your way to the top?
Is Slavery still relivant for the benefit of human society today? 2011-06-13
This poll has been compiled to determine the individual citizens personal perspective about moder...
Collective Punishment 2011-06-10 (closed)
A few months ago my wife found fireworks in the bedroom my sons Ryan (13) and Josh (14) share. Ne...
age to stop getting spanked 2011-06-08
whats the age when people should stop getting spanked?
Spanking Teen 2011-06-08
I am wondering how many other teens are still spanked and how hard it is
Would you shoot an enemy if he surrenders? 2011-06-08
You are in a battle. The enemy is shooting back at you. After a few minutes, he pops out and puts...
Evolution, The Big Bang, Climate Change, & the Rapture 2011-06-08 (closed)
Where do you stand on the big questions facing our time?
from which and to what age should children be spanked? 2011-06-04
in your opinion, at what age you should start to spank children, and until what age?
The Male Body for Straight Men 2011-05-17
In the past the human body was considered beautiful. Just look at the statue of David. Now a days...
Reproductive Technology - Ethical Issues 2011-05-16
Scientific advances have opened the door to controversial issues such as addressing infertility (...
how do you view religion 2011-05-10
Im just wondering about the perfect honesty. This is anonymous.
do you think those w/ a mental illness should have the same rights as those w/o 2011-05-05 (closed)
do you think those who have a mental illness should have the same rights and respect as those who...
Abortion (18 years or older please) 2011-04-29
Your opinions on the abortion debate
Parenting 2011-04-29
This is a poll to determine how parents, or the parents of tomorrow, raise or intend to raise the...
Spanking of children 2011-04-25
This is a poll to find out views on the punishment called spanking.
random touchy questions... do you agree or disagree? 2011-04-23
I am strongly interested in sociology... the way humans interact with one another, the way the me...
Muslims in New York City 2011-04-22
Controversial questions about the Peaceful Religion of Islam
Nudism and public life 2011-04-16 (closed)
Looking at current opinions about freedom and citizenship.
pollution cause by factories 2011-04-16 (closed)
this poll will be about if people think that if the factories are the ones that contaminate more,...
Sex Offender Poll 2011-04-08 (closed)
This poll is designed to obtain opinion, create awareness and educate people about the registered...
Corporal punishment is a licence to abuse 2011-04-05 (closed)
A few years ago, my wife invited the cops into our USA home to discuss the crime in our area, una...
Should humans be cloned? 2011-04-01
Simple question, simple answers, yes or no?
Designer Baby 2011-03-26 (closed)
Designer Baby