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Controversy / Morality


Should GM wheat be avaliable in Australia? (School research) 2011-09-14
If anyone could take the time out to answer, it would be very much appreciated
The Best Humanist and Atheist Book 2011-09-13 (closed)
A poll to find out what people in the North East, in Britain and beyond think is the best humanis...
What Are Your [Philosophical] Convictions? 2011-09-13
Before I tell you the purpose of my poll, if you're looking for the results, then goto the discus...
Should GM wheat be released for public consumption in Australia? 2011-08-19
Should GM wheat be released for public consumption in Australia? There are numerous pros and con...
Youth Violence and relation to Alcohol 2011-08-13
Youth Violence and relation to Alcohol
FOR THE GUYS: Would you reveal your affair to your best friend? 2011-08-13
If caught would you tell the truth to your best friend?
Homosexual or phobic? 2011-08-13
Do you think there are more homophobic or homosexual people in the world?
Euthanasia in Australia 2011-08-13
Euthanasia in Australia
What is conservative, and what is liberal? 2011-08-06
What views are truly "conservative" or "liberal"?
Obesity in North America 2011-08-06
Is euthanasia acceptable for Australians? 2011-08-06
Recently the South Australian government has made a push to legalise doctor assisted suicide (Eut...
Would you allow nonhuman DNA to be put into your unborn child to 'augment' them? 2011-07-27 (closed)
I just read a short story titled "Game of the Century" by Robert Reed. In it, in the y...
Do you think it is going overboard to take obese children from their parents? 2011-07-21
Do you think it is going overboard to take obese children from their parents?
your belief system 2011-07-13 (closed)
This is a poll to determine what your basic belief system is
Our families are loaded but what about us? 2011-07-09
My husband and I both come from relatively wealthy families but we aren't exactly loaded oureslve...
Maintenance spankings 2011-07-09
Maintenance spankings
Looks or Personality 2011-07-07 (closed)
I recently read an article about feminism, sexism, ect. The article had stated that that "wo...
Moms spanking their children 2011-06-23
This poll is for mothers who (still) use the traditional method of spanking for disciplining thei...
Male VS Female in Canadian family law 2011-06-22 (closed)
Do you believe men and women are treated differently when it comes to all aspects of the Canadian...
What Would You Do? 2011-06-18 (closed)
I will give a bunch of situations and i want to see what you would do during them. Some will be L...
Would you sleep your way to the top? 2011-06-13
Would you sleep your way to the top?
Is Slavery still relivant for the benefit of human society today? 2011-06-13
This poll has been compiled to determine the individual citizens personal perspective about moder...
Collective Punishment 2011-06-10 (closed)
A few months ago my wife found fireworks in the bedroom my sons Ryan (13) and Josh (14) share. Ne...
age to stop getting spanked 2011-06-08
whats the age when people should stop getting spanked?
Spanking Teen 2011-06-08
I am wondering how many other teens are still spanked and how hard it is