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Controversy / Morality


Legalization of Marijuana 2011-11-09
Legalization of Marijuana
Affirmative Action 2011-11-09
Affirmative Action
Do you support gay marriage? 2011-11-09
Do you support gay marriage?
Do you believe in Corporal Punishment? 2011-11-09 (closed)
Do you believe in Corporal Punishment?
Marijuana 2011-11-09
A short poll for a school project about your stance on the decriminalization of marijuana.
Has anyone heard, read about or seen on TV about this odd case in Michigan 2011-11-03
Summarize; two teenagers, one a bully, the other a stereotypical, classic nerd with glasses. ner...
Fist Fighting (Guys only) 2011-10-31
Just a general poll on the male views of fighting.
Scottish independance 2011-10-31
State if you agree with full Scottish independance or not
Do you think Wal-Mart is hurting small town America? 2011-10-31 (closed)
Wal-Mart is the biggest company in the world and a titan of industry. Their practices with anti-...
Embryonic Stem Cell Research 2011-10-27
I want to see what the general public thinks about stem cell research.
Cellphones 2011-10-27
Abortion: Yes or No 2011-10-20 (closed)
What are your beliefs on this highly controversial topic?
Gun Control and Schools 2 2011-10-11 (closed)
Gun Control and Schools 2
Gun Control and Schools 2011-10-11 (closed)
Gun Control and Schools
Do you agree with the legal age of criminal responsibility being at age 10? 2011-10-11
In England at the age of 10, children can be prosecuted for the criminal offences they make. Do y...
Schools and nutrition 2011-10-10
There's been a lot of controversy about schools and their nutrition.
Abortion 2011-10-10
please help with my ap gov project by answering my poll. Answers are anonymous and if you do not ...
Death Penalty 2011-10-09
DO you support the death penalty?
Abortion 2011-10-04 (closed)
the death penalty 2011-10-03
there are a lot of polls about this but few go into detail
Alleged Affair Between Governor Palin and Glenn Rice 2011-09-28
What do you think about this allegation? Is it true? Is it really scandalous?
Ethical question 2011-09-28
What would you do?
what do you think of feminism? 2011-09-22
what do you think of feminism?
Are West Virginians' Unintelligent? 2011-09-19 (closed)
Are West Virginians' Unintelligent?
Who do you think texts more behind the wheel, Adults or teens? 2011-09-19
Which group of people do you think texts and drives more? 16-17 year old teens, or 21+ year olds?