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Controversy / Morality


Mothers who like give spankings? 2012-01-30
Hello people im looking for a moms how like give spankings. its simple, i was spanked at home b...
Drinking 2012-01-18
About consuming alcoholic bevarages and the legal issues.
marijuana and my drug test 2012-01-18 (closed)
i am being tested by my psychiatrist for drug use. what can he do to me if he finds only marijuan...
Nuclear Weapons? 2012-01-16
What do you think about nuclear weapons in our world?
America? What do people of other Nations think? 2012-01-16
I would like to know what other people of the world think about America. Why are we the most hate...
What do you think...? 2012-01-12
Just a few questions that, hopefully make you think a little bit. =)
Should a U.S. veteran be denied full military honors after a capital crime? 2012-01-06
Impulsive take-down of another boy / male 2012-01-02
I have witnessed a few cases where a male all of a sudden pinned another, usually weaker male to ...
Rule your nation 2 2012-01-01
If you haven't done number 1 try that first
Sexual inequality in Execution (historical) 2011-12-29
I have already made a poll concerning the sexual inequality in corporal punishment. This poll can...
American Women and Topless Sunbathing 2011-12-29
Are you a woman living in the United States?
Swearing 2011-12-29
To some people, swearing is a sign of weakness. To others, it's a part of everyday life. How do y...
Get Fired or Get the Cane to Keep your Job? 2011-12-29
If you were on your last warning at work and you make another mistake. Your boss give you a choi...
In-Depth Study of Men in Womens Clothing 2011-12-28
This is an attempt at a mostly-inclusive study of men who wear womens clothing regardless of the ...
The Bucket List 2011-12-28
Imagine that while at the doctors office you're told that you're terminally ill and only have 3 m...
La circuncision del hombre - es buena para la mujer? 2011-12-26
Hoydia en EEUU y otros paises la circuncision de bebes se hace menos que antes. Que consecuencias...
prejudice 2011-12-13
just want to find out
Which button will you press? 2011-12-05
Self preservation or self sacrifice...which will you choose?
Commit a crime 2011-11-21 (closed)
Would you be willing to commit a crime if there was 0% chance of being caught?
Daniel Pearl Video Ethics 2011-11-20 (closed)
Almost 10 years ago, journalist Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan. The terrori...
Gay marriage 2011-11-20 (closed)
This is a poll for Mrs. Hitchcock's 3rd period US/VA class.
abortion 2011-11-18
should it be legal for you to kill your unborn infant for whatever reason. I don't believe they s...
Drinking whilst pregnant 2011-11-18
Drinking whilst pregnant
Do You Support Gay Marriage? 2011-11-16 (closed)
Do You Support Gay Marriage?
Flat Tax 2011 2011-11-16
Heyy, so this is for a project we are doing in our civics class, so if you could just quickly a...