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Controversy / Morality


Ethics and Morals 2012-07-13
I know a lot of people might lie on these questions if they were asked them in real life, but thi...
Would you find the license plate 'KZMAZ' inappropriate or offensive? Yes or No? 2012-07-12
I requested a special/personalized license plate from the BMV and they said that it was inappropr...
Rav Wish 2012-07-09
Rav Wish
Perceptions of the paranormal (Westbourne IB Programme) 2012-07-02
On Friday 6th July, Westbourne School (IB World school, Wales, UK) is having its annual Theory of...
Is there really a button, that can destroy the world? 2012-07-02
I have heard that there is a special red button, which sits in the White House, Department of Def...
Should public profanity be illegal? 2012-06-25
Where do you draw the line between indecency and freedom of speech?
Should the UK law on euthanasia be changed? 2012-06-25
Do you think that the UK law on euthanasia should be changed/reconsidered?
Touchy Subjects 2012-06-25
A bunch of random questions about controversial subjects!
Religion and politics 2012-06-11
How much of an influence should religion have on government policy?
Dogs, Dragons & Snakes or Snakes, Dragons & Dogs 2012-06-04
Dogs, Dragons & Snakes or Snakes, Dragons & Dogs
Are None spanking punishments more cruel to children? 2012-06-01
No child wants to be spanked, but then noone wants to be punished at all. Many children are not a...
Same sex couples and adoption 2012-05-30
i was wondering how people felt about same sex couples adopting, it may not seem like a big deal ...
Have you ever spanked your children? 2012-05-29
Please describe how your kids are with spanking and please tell me your thoughts as well. I`m doi...
Does all killing count as murder? 2012-05-21
This is a highly controversial, yet interesting poll. I want to ask you guys if you think that a...
best friends reunion on 22 2012-05-21 (closed)
ciao cari, siamo a scegliere il luogo in cui trovarci martedì, cosa è più semplice in un immed...
Is Killing Snails And Other Creatures Immoral? 2012-05-20
I enjoy watching women crush snails underfoot, and I see no moral wrong in killing a non-sentient...
Violence in Entertainment 2012-05-18
Do you think that violence in video games, tv shows, movies, and songs increases the amount of vi...
Ladies only! Sister vs brother 2012-05-10
What would yo do to your brother if you get really pissed off with him?
Suicide: Pro-life or pro-choice? 2012-05-10
I am creating this poll to see what proportion of voters think suicide is morally acceptable.
How moral are you? -<[Scenarios]>--- 2012-05-07
moral - Concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of ...
Video Game Obscenity 2012-05-07
Video Game Obscenity
Losing shoes in the workplace(Females only please) 2012-05-04
This poll is all about when you have your shoes off in work. Or you see a colleague with her shoe...
Survey about Feminism 2012-05-02
Survey about Feminism
Is the United States math system going to change to Metrics or not? 2012-04-24
Do you think the U.S. will keep using the Standard Math System or switch to The Metric System?
8 year old girl beats 10 year old boy with Krav Maga! 2012-04-23
I heard the cry from upstairs, as I ran down to see what the crying was about I saw my 10 year ol...