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independant thinker 2005-05-26
I am trying to see how people are doing intellectualy these days.
IS TUPAC ALIVE?????!!!! 2005-06-27
Do you you think that famous gangster rapper Tupac Shakur is really dead? Voice your opinion!
UFOs 2005-08-01
Do you believe in UFOs?
Did the TITANIC really sink? 2005-08-29
this poll is about the conspiracy that the OLYMPIC was switched with sister ship the TITANIC and ...
Hurricane Safety 2005-10-05
This poll is to give me a brief view of peoples troubles during a hurricane and what can be done ...
Does anyone on this site actuall know what a conspiracy is? 2005-10-19
Look at some polls in the "conspiracy" section of the site ("Is Mr. Poll a good po...
Conspiracy 2005-11-19
Questions about anything
911 attacks 2006-01-18
no need for an introduction
Fairy Tales 2006-02-18
Do you beleive in santa,I do.
War and peace 2006-03-20
Do you want war or peace?
who killed Kurt Cobain 2006-04-21
who killed kurt cobain
9/11 2006-04-30
Why did the attacks of 9/11 occur, who was responsible and who benefits by them?
blackmailed 2006-05-13
I have heard both sides, I gave into blackmail and no one could understand why!
useless superhero powers 2006-06-05
me and mark oneday had an abrupt argument on what the most useless super power would be and we th...
Bush the next hitler 2006-07-23
Bush and hitler are becoming increasinly similar
Do you believe in Chupacabra 2006-08-23
Is there a great evil among us? 2006-09-18
Is there great evil among us? Are there robots among us? Are there Aliens among us ? Are there...
9/11 conspiracy 2007-01-09
What you believe about the events of September 11.
How should I conquer the Earth-part 2! 2007-02-03
As times change, so do plans for taking over the world. Vote how!
How the world will end 2007-02-28
Just wondering about the views you have on how the human race will end.
Do I Look Like Jack Johnson? 2007-08-21
Do I Look Like Jack Johnson?
How do you think JFK was killed? 2007-09-01
20 people only! a school project
Life in the universe? 2007-10-02
Do you believe there is life out there in the universe besides earth?
freemasons rulers or old men 2007-10-02
The fore fathers of our nation were freemasons. Does this not imply anything?
UFOs: Real or Fake? 2007-10-09
Have you ever seen those TV shows where they talk about UFOs? Do you think UFOs are actually pilo...