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Der Führer/dead or alive? 2003-10-07
Hi,I'd like to know your opinion about the Führer.
Ghosts 2003-10-14
This weeks poll!
Tomatoes 2003-10-19
Yesterday (10/15) I went to Trader Joes and bought vine tomatoes. Today, I tried using them, and...
Is this true or false. 2003-11-11
What do you think.?More polls @ madsalmon.btinternet.co.uk
What Would You Do? 2003-12-12
Answer honestly!
Is Genetic Engineering Safe? 2003-12-17
Are Gentically Modified Organisms really safe? Will we modify ourselves in the process? You be...
Completely Random Poll ..or man 2004-01-10
Provide a brief description of what my poll is about eh? Yeah, that should do.
What happend to TWA Flight 800 2004-01-28
I live in Suffolk County, NY .. a few miles away from where TWA Flight 800 crashed in 1996 and I ...
michael jackson----guilty?? 2004-02-02
a little boy ,terminally ill, claims that michael jackson,2nd richest man in the world,melested h...
What came first the chicken or the egg (then there's a poll) 2004-03-09
Ok this is the thing everybody always wants to know what came first the chicken or the egg..so to...
Do you like PIE? 2004-06-02
Do you think their is a conspiracy in our government 2004-07-07
Is their a conspiracy in our government to cover up aliens, alienation of a race, or other things...
Booth Conspiracy 2004-10-26
Read the facts. You are the jury. Was Booth part of a larger conspiracy than history has written?
The Tetra Pak Conspiracy 2005-01-14
Tetra Paks are supposedly "innovative", but are they really a conspiracy?
Ghost? 2005-02-21
Do you believe in ghosts?
independant thinker 2005-05-26
I am trying to see how people are doing intellectualy these days.
UFOs 2005-08-01
Do you believe in UFOs?
Did the TITANIC really sink? 2005-08-29
this poll is about the conspiracy that the OLYMPIC was switched with sister ship the TITANIC and ...
Hurricane Safety 2005-10-05
This poll is to give me a brief view of peoples troubles during a hurricane and what can be done ...
Does anyone on this site actuall know what a conspiracy is? 2005-10-19
Look at some polls in the "conspiracy" section of the site ("Is Mr. Poll a good po...
Conspiracy 2005-11-19
Questions about anything
911 attacks 2006-01-18
no need for an introduction
Fairy Tales 2006-02-18
Do you beleive in santa,I do.
War and peace 2006-03-20
Do you want war or peace?
How should I conquer the Earth? 2006-03-21
Look, we ALL know I'm going to rule the Earth, so why not help me choose which of the many ways I...