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9/11 Israeli or US Implications 2002-01-28
Theories abound, from too much dust during the collapse meaning internal detonation demolition, t...
An Overdose Of Paranoid Reality 2002-02-25
The government means more harm than good.
Egypt 2002-02-25
Please take the time to fill out his poll. This is for my World History project.
Who would you want dead the most? i k we want them all dead 2002-05-28
who out of all of these would you want to dead dead today? whoever you may pick, might affect the...
Atlantis, myth or lost history 2002-11-06
Was Atlantis an actual place or just a legend that holds our interest...
Ghosts 2003-10-14
This weeks poll!
Extraterrestrials -- UFOs 2005-01-27
The nature of extraterrestrial life and UFOs
Ghost? 2005-02-21
Do you believe in ghosts?
Hurricane Safety 2005-10-05
This poll is to give me a brief view of peoples troubles during a hurricane and what can be done ...
Is Andy Kaufman alive? 2005-12-12
This is a simple poll. Just vote!
How should I conquer the Earth? 2006-03-21
Look, we ALL know I'm going to rule the Earth, so why not help me choose which of the many ways I...
The Crooked NFL? 2006-11-01
This poll is meant to find out how many people believe what they see every Sunday on the NFL. Whe...
freemasons rulers or old men 2007-10-02
The fore fathers of our nation were freemasons. Does this not imply anything?
torture [please take] 2008-06-16
i know you're probably expecting death and gore from a torture poll, but another form of torture ...
The End of the World 2008-07-26
The End of the World
Can you guess people's star signs correctly? 2008-11-15
Back in the early 90s there was a DJ on BBC radio (in Britain) who sometimes tried to guess the s...
Area 51 - What do you think is going on? 2009-03-28
Area 51 - What do you think is going on?
Which can happen more? 2009-03-29
Science and technology rising very rapidly im pretty sure some things can happen
9/11???????????????????? 2009-08-04 (closed)
Do you believe 9/11 was an inside job?
A Secret Stone... Can you take a secret this big? 2009-11-25
I've been hearing rumors about a stone. I want to see what the public thinks about it...
Do you believe in the government. (Americans only) 2010-08-28
For Americans.
Is The End Coming 2011-03-20
The world is being bombarded with a series of major natural disasters. Major floods in Australia...
Apocalypse Culture! 1999-03-11
A poll concerning U.F.O.'s, cults, conspiracies, cryptozoology, Fortean topics and general high w...
Have you been abducted? 2001-01-10
If you believe that you may have been abducted by some sort of extra-terrestrial being, please fi...
Are there aliens out there?? 2001-02-14
Are there aliens out there?? You tell me. What do you think about these "UFO" sightings...