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On the street today there is manyt different theorys and conspiacys. from ghosts tothe moon. so w...
a theft 2008-06-16 (closed)
a while back a woman, jeannette johnson, married a man, annoymous, in 2004. 3 years later, the ba...
Do you think it's possible to predict Natural Disasters? 2012-04-23
Do you think it's possible to predict Natural Disasters?
Apocalypse Culture! 1999-03-11
A poll concerning U.F.O.'s, cults, conspiracies, cryptozoology, Fortean topics and general high w...
Do you like PIE? 2004-06-02
Driving and the rich 2005-01-03
Are we SLAVES for the rich, and driving is our way of "working" for them?
Who- ManBearPig or GoatCatBird? 2010-05-29
Who- ManBearPig or GoatCatBird?
Conspiracy theory 2001-11-09
Hey, Have you ever thought about thsi stuff??
Diana 2003-10-28
what do you think??
My Alien Theory 2005-07-06
My theory is that in the future Earths population will be dwelling. Most likely to nuclear warfar...
Randomness 15 2005-09-14
Totally Random Things
Is the army really hiding aliens? 2006-06-07
some say that an alien ship crash landed in New Mexico. They say bodies were recovered, but the a...
Legalization of Marajuana 2002-11-06
Please help me with some minor "non-scientific" statistics. Please vote only once and ...
Is Genetic Engineering Safe? 2003-12-17
Are Gentically Modified Organisms really safe? Will we modify ourselves in the process? You be...
Booth Conspiracy 2004-10-26
Read the facts. You are the jury. Was Booth part of a larger conspiracy than history has written?
Ghost 2002-01-14
Spirits of the dead do they exist or not
What would you do? #2 2002-02-22
Do you question your moraliticity? Is that even a word?
Alien abductions 2002-09-25
have you ever been abducted by aliens
Atlantis, myth or lost history 2002-11-06
Was Atlantis an actual place or just a legend that holds our interest...
What Would You Do? 2003-12-12
Answer honestly!
Do you think their is a conspiracy in our government 2004-07-07
Is their a conspiracy in our government to cover up aliens, alienation of a race, or other things...
Record high gasolene prices 2004-10-18
Part of the fallout from the Iraq War is the seriously curtailed flow of oil from that country. T...
Is College Extortion 2005-02-24
Colleges make tons and tons of money jacking up the prices of their books. Is this capitalism a...
Does anyone on this site actuall know what a conspiracy is? 2005-10-19
Look at some polls in the "conspiracy" section of the site ("Is Mr. Poll a good po...
UFO phenomena 2006-01-14
An in depth look at UFOs