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Paranormal shizzle 2006-01-13
I'm an undecided believer of ghosts and other strange paranormal events. Strange things sometimes...
The Supernatural 2006-02-03
What do you beleive in? This world is full of mystery.
why all the elvis conspiracy theories 2011-12-16
why all the elvis conspiracy theories
Der Führer/dead or alive? 2003-10-07
Hi,I'd like to know your opinion about the Führer.
ghost train 2007-08-30
My friend claims to have twice seen a ghost train along the train tracks that run through galesbu...
Friday the 13th 2009-11-20
Do you believe in the Friday the 13th superstitions? Well, it's Friday, November 13th 2009... How...
Fairy Tales 2006-02-18
Do you beleive in santa,I do.
Are you waking up? 2006-02-16
Are you willing to fight the New World Order?
Believe It Or NOT! 2009-02-04 (closed)
Paranormal Belief Poll....Let Us Know What You Believe!
USPS: Not what it seems. 2012-09-17
Is the U.S. Post Office a government agency...or is it a corporation?
Extraterrestrials -- UFOs 2005-01-27
The nature of extraterrestrial life and UFOs
God, aliens, life and other cool stuff 2001-11-26
Just a poll about things that I find interesting. I wanna know your opinions as well.
Who is here!?! 2003-05-10
It seems like there are way too many of a couple types of ppl... I'd like to see if that's not ju...
Kennedy Assassination 2003-05-28
Who did it?
UFOs 2005-08-01
Do you believe in UFOs?
Aliens and cover-ups 2005-12-23
This poll is about the existence of aliens and the govenment(s) cover-up of the proof of alien vi...
Is the IRS right to cover up Section 861? 2005-01-17
The IRS refuses to answer questions about Section 861 of the United States Income Tax Code. Are t...
Too young to wake up 2006-07-06
I am 13 years old and fully aware of the threat to our freedom, and security... I was thinking of...
What came first the chicken or the egg (then there's a poll) 2004-03-09
Ok this is the thing everybody always wants to know what came first the chicken or the egg..so to...
The Big Bad Paranormal Poll 2004-06-11
I went searching for paranormal polls on here, and I only found one poll. So, here's a new parano...
Have you been abducted? 2001-01-10
If you believe that you may have been abducted by some sort of extra-terrestrial being, please fi...
Egypt 2002-02-25
Please take the time to fill out his poll. This is for my World History project.
The Ramsey Murder 2003-12-16
JonBenet Ramsey died in her own home in 1996, the victim of a homicide. She was six years old. Th...
Are You Psychic? 2004-10-12
How many people believe they have psychic powers?
Is Bush Trying To Take Over The World? 2002-11-06
I am seriously wondering if the American President is getting a little too power hungry. What do...