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Do Thoughts Create Reality? 2009-02-10 (closed)
This poll focuses on the philosophy that what we think and feel determines our experiences in lif...
Are you a conspiracy Theorist? 2013-12-26
Are you a conspiracy Theorist? Do you believe in some form of conspiracy theory or another suc...
911 attacks 2006-01-18
no need for an introduction
Embedded computer chips-fun for the whole family! 2007-12-07 (closed)
There has been quite a movement to install embedded computer chips in your property, your pets, a...
A Secret Stone... Can you take a secret this big? 2009-11-25
I've been hearing rumors about a stone. I want to see what the public thinks about it...
The Crooked NFL? 2006-11-01
This poll is meant to find out how many people believe what they see every Sunday on the NFL. Whe...
Purple Flying Monkeys With Blue Polka-Dots 2002-03-08
This poll will help determine the existence of rare or mythical beings.
Which can happen more? 2009-03-29
Science and technology rising very rapidly im pretty sure some things can happen
Is Andy Kaufman alive? 2005-12-12
This is a simple poll. Just vote!
The Apocalyptic Hand Sanitizer 2008-03-23 (closed)
It is about how hand sanitizers make super bugs.
blackmailed 2006-05-13
I have heard both sides, I gave into blackmail and no one could understand why!
aliens true/false 2008-06-02 (closed)
some one named ''dom the bomb'' called all believers rednecks and dumb$%@s and many other things....
Alien Abductions Fact or Fiction 2010-03-27 (closed)
I have spent most of my life studying people. I have developed a genuine curiosity about viewpoi...
TITANIC!!! Could the Titanic have STAYED AFLOAT LONGER in A HEAD-ON COLLISION? 2012-04-27
TITANIC was SEVERELY DAMAGED starboard (right side), with five compartments PUNCTURED below the w...
Aliens?!? 2003-08-22
Welcome to my "Do aliens exist?" Poll!
Romeo and Juliet Poll 2007-04-19
This is quite a short poll about Romeo and Juliet.
An Airforce Rape poll. 2003-03-18
When would you consider it Rape at the air force academy?
UFO's Existance 2007-02-13
This is to get an understanding of what people think about a phenomenon that is sweeping the globe.
Doomsday is it near? 2007-07-03
Very simple poll about the scenario of Doomsday.(I figure I need to say this: the term "grey...
Do I Look Like Jack Johnson? 2007-08-21
Do I Look Like Jack Johnson?
Do you belive in superstition? 2008-05-12
I'm just want to know [for my term paper], if you belive in things like luck, superstition [black...
unexplainable experiences 2001-04-19
most people have experiences that science can't account for. this poll is to identify those exper...
TEEN suicide 2006-01-11
Beliefs (Super-natural, Fate, etc.) 2006-05-31
These questions deal with certain beliefs and theories concerning science, religion, and fate. I'...
Ninja poll 102: Are the Government controlling us? 2008-05-22
All American Passports contian a small metallic stripe on the inside page. Oh what you don't beli...