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Have you pooped a diaper 2014-01-06
Have you pooped a diaper
UFOs: Do They Exist? 2011-12-19
A one-question poll asking about your belief in UFOs.
Pissing 2013-02-25
Which came first? The chicken or the egg? 2006-09-25
An endeavour to find out how chickens came to exist
Did we Land on the Moon? 2005-03-11
FOX TV aired a conspiracy theory program which argues that the apollo moon missions were all FAKE.
How should I conquer the Earth? 2006-03-21
Look, we ALL know I'm going to rule the Earth, so why not help me choose which of the many ways I...
torture [please take] 2008-06-16
i know you're probably expecting death and gore from a torture poll, but another form of torture ...
In What Do You Believe? (NOT a religious poll) 2000-01-24
Following are many things whose existence is open to debate, because everyone believes in differe...
Life in the universe? 2007-10-02
Do you believe there is life out there in the universe besides earth?
Which shadowy conspiracy is running the show? 2008-06-27 (closed)
This is a new and improved version of my previous poll "Who is really running the show?"...
Do you believe in the government. (Americans only) 2010-08-28
For Americans.
Phobias 2009-09-14
Do you have some fear?
if you back in time to 1945 before that Hitler committed suicide 2010-12-22
if you had a time machine and you travel to 1945 moments before that Hitler committed suicide
War and peace 2006-03-20
Do you want war or peace?
Reality or Hoax? 2007-07-24
This is poll to measure you believes things without seeing, who's spectical, and who says maybe i...
Homosexuality 2004-09-28
Causes of Homosexuality!
IS TUPAC ALIVE?????!!!! 2005-06-27
Do you you think that famous gangster rapper Tupac Shakur is really dead? Voice your opinion!
In a zombie outbreak would you... 2009-02-04
In a zombie outbreak would you...
Can Truth be Voted On? 2008-05-16
True or false: The truth is not up for a vote.
Jewish Conspiricy 2004-10-04
Do you believe in the Jewish conspiricy theory?
end of humans 2010-03-11
how you would like the world to end
freemasons rulers or old men 2007-10-02
The fore fathers of our nation were freemasons. Does this not imply anything?
Apollo Moon Landing Conspiracy - Reasonable Proof 2009-09-06
The title says it all, fellow poll takers! lol, enough of the futile believing NASA, i am 13, but...
useless superhero powers 2006-06-05
me and mark oneday had an abrupt argument on what the most useless super power would be and we th...