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Who Wants To Sell Cars On Sunday? 2009-02-04 (closed)
Why Is there a Law On Selling Cars On Sundays??? Why Dont We Just Sell Cars Any day Whats The Dif...
Paul Burrell - Diana's butler 2003-11-04
Was he right to spill the beans?
Shipwreck trivia 2011-09-20
Im making some trivia of some shipwrecks, enjoy
Zombies 2012-05-30
This is my poll to see how many people believe in zombies
EXPERIENCE UFO/Experiencia OVNI 2008-03-01
This poll was created to gather information about experiences related to the ufo phenomena/ Este...
Werewolf poll 2009-03-06 (closed)
Questions about werewolfs
Earth-Mysteries Pop Quiz 2002-08-09
This is a poll about your interest and knowledge pertaining to the world of the unexplained from ...
Mmmmorals 2003-10-14
I pitty the fool that messes with my gold!
MI5 is it really working 2004-04-07
just because of this latest 'nip in the bud' of 2 terrorists trying to poisen a few brits, is MI5...
Does War Fuel the Medical Industry, and Vice Versa? 2005-10-10
Thinking about the Vietnam Vets in movies like 'Born on the Forth of July', it seems quite likely...
Do extraterrestrials use address labels 2006-02-16
Their has been considerable speculation by some people as to how alien cultures have developed. O...
Should Ashley move back to JHB? 2009-06-08
just wanna find out ppl's opinions!
All Your Base 2002-03-27
What is your favorite AYBABTU
Politics, Terrorism & The War 2003-12-20
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">This poll i...
The Tetra Pak Conspiracy 2005-01-14
Tetra Paks are supposedly "innovative", but are they really a conspiracy?
Completely Random Poll ..or man 2004-01-10
Provide a brief description of what my poll is about eh? Yeah, that should do.
Is Driving Downtown a Conspiracy 2004-10-29
Is Driving Downtown a Conspiracy to kill Pedestrians? Why does driving down the street pair one ...
Bush STOLE the Presidency (again) 2004-12-12
Cal State Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, who doesn't protest the election results? (And Shrubya fa...
nfl conspiracy 2006-02-18
This will talk about the referreing in the playoffs
Vote! XZENmAsTA vs. TRADI 2008-09-18
Cast your vote to decide which of these deities wins the battle between alternate egos. The fate ...
Kimberly Kirberger 2001-12-16
This poll inquires into your beliefs about Kimberly Kirberger. Don't know who she is, visit www.g...
Are you Aware?? 2008-11-25 (closed)
Are you Aware??
Evan's Civics Poll 08 2008-11-14 (closed)
I made a poll for social studies