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9/11, Anthrax and Government Complicity 2002-08-19
Many people are beginning to question the motives of our US government in light of 9/11 and the A...
independant thinker 2005-05-26
I am trying to see how people are doing intellectualy these days.
Hurricane Safety 2005-10-05
This poll is to give me a brief view of peoples troubles during a hurricane and what can be done ...
Snowman or Hamster? 2005-12-19
A Silly debate I have with a friend who was looking at a picture of my christmas decorations. He...
Should I??? 2005-12-09
This is just too funny to pass up, please answer!
GoatCatBird 2010-05-29
Biafra Zionist Movement 2012-08-09
Some groups will just come out to make all sort of noise ,what do you think of the BZM?
wire tapping 2001-12-31
What do you think about wire tapping (bugging phones and other communications lines)? Should the...
Do u believe in 2002-10-28
tell me wut ya think
Tomatoes 2003-10-19
Yesterday (10/15) I went to Trader Joes and bought vine tomatoes. Today, I tried using them, and...
The Question 2006-05-17
For curiosity's sake, we would like to know what you think.
Whats the next step? 2006-09-19
Now that we so called conspiracy theorists have gained at least a large minority of the american ...
The state of america 2005-05-27
Here are some serious questions on the state of america and the knowledge of its citizens
Which UK astronomy department is the most riven by strife? 2008-09-26 (closed)
Which UK astronomy department is the most riven by strife?
how do you think humanity will end? 2010-11-07 (closed)
i think we will end it by war.
Styff 2015-06-21
Is This The End? 2003-09-19
The Poll that ask's..what the title says...Is This The End?
Terry Schaivo 2005-04-18
Do you think Terry's Husband should have taken out the tube.
Pancakes, flapjacks, they're all the same thing... 2005-04-29
Pancakes, flapjacks, they're all the same thing...especially with syrup and butter.
The best RICHMOND! 2006-04-29
i thought there was only one richmond..............WRONG!!!
Boston Bomb Scare 2007-02-14
Should the Dudes who planted the hunger force promos be charged for a felony?
Who sent the anthrax?. 2001-10-29
quick poll to guage opinion on who sent the anthrax.
Who What Where Why When Who? Wait.... 2002-05-06
GIVE ME A NUMBER! GIVE ME A NUMBER!...take the poll.
More... Fun with Conspiracies 2004-07-26
Here are a few interesting things to ponder: What do you think?
The Psychic Line at 1-800-966-2294 2008-03-04
Do you understand metaphysical terms?