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mysteryious happenings 2003-05-28
youll see
Freemasons and Knights Templar 2005-03-23
There are many rumours and stories about the Freemasons and Knights Templar. Do you think there i...
Oklahoma Bombing 2006-06-12
Were Middle Eastern terrorists involved in the Oklahoma bombing?
Ninja Poll 114: Can you solve this riddle? 2008-05-22
Can you solve this riddle?
The 9/11 Lie 2011-06-18 (closed)
I want to know why people believe the government report, which they changed three times, over wha...
Paranoid or Prepared 2000-11-01
A little poll I came up with to check your level of awareness of the evil hidden things that lurk...
Biological warfare 2001-11-18
It's in the news. Hell, it's in our mail. How concerned are YOU about biological warfare?
Places to Hide 2002-05-06
If you had to hide somewhere, where would you go?
How much do you REALLY know about Stoves and Fridges? 2007-05-10
This poll is to find out how much the general public knows about the true nature of stoves and fr...
Shadow or Lionking ? 2009-09-05
Who do you support ?
What Will Happento Your Life? 2010-03-27
What Will Happento Your Life?
Do you currently have a Hospital parking space? 2012-02-15
Do you currently have a Hospital parking space?
Do you think Tarot is pure chance? 2001-02-13
Do you think that a Tarot deck can in fact provide insight to life's questions or is it pure chan...
The Paranoia Poll! 2002-02-20
There are a certain set of opinions which society sanctions and promotes, and others which it per...
An Overdose Of Paranoid Reality 2002-02-25
The government means more harm than good.
Calendar 2002-04-22
In the world are many calendars, but...
Ghosts 2003-10-14
This weeks poll!
Mister poll: A clever form of control? 2005-08-19
Those watchful eyes. That sporadic blinking. Those three strands of insignificant hair. Is this a...
Hurricane Katrina 2005-09-14
Wondering what everyone thinks about the whole situation involving Hurricane Katrina.
Chris Daughtry 2006-05-25
Is he the best?
The Adventures of Super Poll! Part 1 2006-10-04
Meet Mr.Super Poll! He is a super hero who can't save the city until you take his poll.
Ninja Poll 103: Hypnosis 2008-05-22
In April 2008 a professional hypnotist, Alex Lenkei, successfully hypnotised himself before havin...
Alien aide? 2001-11-19
In Earth's distant past, some say that extra terrestrials helped humans with constructing civiliz...
Are you afraid of Flight? 2002-04-22
These are some discussion topics surrounding The G-man award for I am a Better Actor At it Then ...
Crop-Circles: Hoaxes or alien symbols 2002-08-12
Crop Circles are those strange patterns that appear in fields overnight, What causes them is a my...