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Snowman or Hamster? 2005-12-19
A Silly debate I have with a friend who was looking at a picture of my christmas decorations. He...
Is Andy Kaufman alive? 2005-12-12
This is a simple poll. Just vote!
Should I??? 2005-12-09
This is just too funny to pass up, please answer!
Conspiracy 2005-11-19
Questions about anything
Does anyone on this site actuall know what a conspiracy is? 2005-10-19
Look at some polls in the "conspiracy" section of the site ("Is Mr. Poll a good po...
Does War Fuel the Medical Industry, and Vice Versa? 2005-10-10
Thinking about the Vietnam Vets in movies like 'Born on the Forth of July', it seems quite likely...
Hurricane Safety 2005-10-05
This poll is to give me a brief view of peoples troubles during a hurricane and what can be done ...
How many times aday do you fart? 2005-10-04
On average, people fart 40-50 times in a day. If enough people in a large area of the country wer...
Hurricane Katrina 2005-09-14
Wondering what everyone thinks about the whole situation involving Hurricane Katrina.
Randomness 15 2005-09-14
Totally Random Things
Did the TITANIC really sink? 2005-08-29
this poll is about the conspiracy that the OLYMPIC was switched with sister ship the TITANIC and ...
Mister poll: A clever form of control? 2005-08-19
Those watchful eyes. That sporadic blinking. Those three strands of insignificant hair. Is this a...
UFOs 2005-08-01
Do you believe in UFOs?
My Alien Theory 2005-07-06
My theory is that in the future Earths population will be dwelling. Most likely to nuclear warfar...
IS TUPAC ALIVE?????!!!! 2005-06-27
Do you you think that famous gangster rapper Tupac Shakur is really dead? Voice your opinion!
What do you think? 2005-06-13
This Poll is to see what people think about certain subjects and how aware people are of them.
The state of america 2005-05-27
Here are some serious questions on the state of america and the knowledge of its citizens
independant thinker 2005-05-26
I am trying to see how people are doing intellectualy these days.
Flying Saucers 2005-05-09
Do you believe in Flying Saucers? Any personal experience with them?
Pancakes, flapjacks, they're all the same thing... 2005-04-29
Pancakes, flapjacks, they're all the same thing...especially with syrup and butter.
Terry Schaivo 2005-04-18
Do you think Terry's Husband should have taken out the tube.
the return of slavery? 2005-04-18
In 1865,slavery was made illegal throughout America. However,slavery has existed throughout time,...
Bohemian Grove 2005-04-02
This poll is about Bohemian grove. Bohemian Grove is a place in northern California and is 2700 a...
Freemasons and Knights Templar 2005-03-23
There are many rumours and stories about the Freemasons and Knights Templar. Do you think there i...
Did we Land on the Moon? 2005-03-11
FOX TV aired a conspiracy theory program which argues that the apollo moon missions were all FAKE.