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Doomsday is it near? 2007-07-03
Very simple poll about the scenario of Doomsday.(I figure I need to say this: the term "grey...
Did two young English girls actually photograph fairies or was it all a hoax? What do plates real...
How much do you REALLY know about Stoves and Fridges? 2007-05-10
This poll is to find out how much the general public knows about the true nature of stoves and fr...
Romeo and Juliet Poll 2007-04-19
This is quite a short poll about Romeo and Juliet.
how did goering get his poison. 2007-02-28
whats your guess on how goering got his poison?
How the world will end 2007-02-28
Just wondering about the views you have on how the human race will end.
Boston Bomb Scare 2007-02-14
Should the Dudes who planted the hunger force promos be charged for a felony?
UFO's Existance 2007-02-13
This is to get an understanding of what people think about a phenomenon that is sweeping the globe.
How should I conquer the Earth-part 2! 2007-02-03
As times change, so do plans for taking over the world. Vote how!
9/11 conspiracy 2007-01-09
What you believe about the events of September 11.
Witches 2006-12-27
I know for certain I have magical powers but are never able to show anyone but certain people. I ...
Who really built the great pyramids? 2006-12-13 (closed)
Modern engineers marvel at the pyramids. Even with all of our modern technology we cannot rebuild...
0_0 2006-12-09
I like ice cream..
Are We Becoming Decadent U.S.A. ? 2006-11-28
Are we sliding down the slippery sloap that Rome Has 2000yrs or so back? Bread and Circus. Beer ...
The Crooked NFL? 2006-11-01
This poll is meant to find out how many people believe what they see every Sunday on the NFL. Whe...
9/11 2006-10-25
Did President Bush play a role in 9/11?
The Adventures of Super Poll! Part 1 2006-10-04
Meet Mr.Super Poll! He is a super hero who can't save the city until you take his poll.
Which came first? The chicken or the egg? 2006-09-25
An endeavour to find out how chickens came to exist
Whats the next step? 2006-09-19
Now that we so called conspiracy theorists have gained at least a large minority of the american ...
Is there a great evil among us? 2006-09-18
Is there great evil among us? Are there robots among us? Are there Aliens among us ? Are there...
Do you believe in Chupacabra 2006-08-23
Bush the next hitler 2006-07-23
Bush and hitler are becoming increasinly similar
Too young to wake up 2006-07-06
I am 13 years old and fully aware of the threat to our freedom, and security... I was thinking of...
GOD's Choice over man-made 'DRUGS'. 2006-07-05
In Genesis, GOD makes Cannabis for us. In the early 1900's, Man takes it away by making it agains...
Oklahoma Bombing 2006-06-12
Were Middle Eastern terrorists involved in the Oklahoma bombing?