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Ninja poll 102: Are the Government controlling us? 2008-05-22
All American Passports contian a small metallic stripe on the inside page. Oh what you don't beli...
Can Truth be Voted On? 2008-05-16
True or false: The truth is not up for a vote.
Do you belive in superstition? 2008-05-12
I'm just want to know [for my term paper], if you belive in things like luck, superstition [black...
Blackninja133 Poll#87: Aliens! 2008-05-12
So we've all heared the stories of Aliens, the spaceships, the little green huge bald heads, and ...
What Do You Believe 2008-03-28
What do you guys believe in anyway?
Make An Alien 2008-03-23 (closed)
Make An Alien
The Apocalyptic Hand Sanitizer 2008-03-23 (closed)
It is about how hand sanitizers make super bugs.
Who do you think had tupac killed 2008-03-19
Who do you think had tupac killed
Answer this please 2008-03-17 (closed)
Answer this please
The end of the world (Poll by blackninja133) 2008-03-04
The end of the world (Poll by blackninja133)
The Psychic Line at 1-800-966-2294 2008-03-04
Do you understand metaphysical terms?
EXPERIENCE UFO/Experiencia OVNI 2008-03-01
This poll was created to gather information about experiences related to the ufo phenomena/ Este...
Do you think the US government found aliens near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? 2008-02-08
Do you think the US government found aliens near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947?
believe they exist 2008-01-31
End of the World 2007-12-14 (closed)
Embedded computer chips-fun for the whole family! 2007-12-07 (closed)
There has been quite a movement to install embedded computer chips in your property, your pets, a...
The end of the world. What will happen? 2007-12-07
There are numerous claims, prophecies, stories, and movies on the subject. What do you think will...
CSI: How should she die? 2007-10-27
My English 114 class is conducting an online simulation of a murder case. Although it is not ope...
UFOs: Real or Fake? 2007-10-09
Have you ever seen those TV shows where they talk about UFOs? Do you think UFOs are actually pilo...
freemasons rulers or old men 2007-10-02
The fore fathers of our nation were freemasons. Does this not imply anything?
Life in the universe? 2007-10-02
Do you believe there is life out there in the universe besides earth?
How do you think JFK was killed? 2007-09-01
20 people only! a school project
ghost train 2007-08-30
My friend claims to have twice seen a ghost train along the train tracks that run through galesbu...
Do I Look Like Jack Johnson? 2007-08-21
Do I Look Like Jack Johnson?
Reality or Hoax? 2007-07-24
This is poll to measure you believes things without seeing, who's spectical, and who says maybe i...