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Foxnews 2009-10-26
THE END OF HUMANS? 2009-09-27 (closed)
Whats your opnion on this. We have to end eventually dont we?
Phobias 2009-09-14
Do you have some fear?
Apollo Moon Landing Conspiracy - Reasonable Proof 2009-09-06
The title says it all, fellow poll takers! lol, enough of the futile believing NASA, i am 13, but...
Shadow or Lionking ? 2009-09-05
Who do you support ?
Moon Landings 2009-08-25 (closed)
Nasa sent 9 Apollo Missions to the moon between 1968 and 1972. Six of those missions landed on t...
9/11???????????????????? 2009-08-04 (closed)
Do you believe 9/11 was an inside job?
Do you think Michael jackson is really dead? 2009-07-25 (closed)
Do you think Michael jackson is really dead?
Should the US destroy North Korea? 2009-06-09 (closed)
Should Ashley move back to JHB? 2009-06-08
just wanna find out ppl's opinions!
Evolution or Creationism? 2009-04-28
Evolution or Creationism?
Which can happen more? 2009-03-29
Science and technology rising very rapidly im pretty sure some things can happen
Area 51 - What do you think is going on? 2009-03-28
Area 51 - What do you think is going on?
Werewolf poll 2009-03-06 (closed)
Questions about werewolfs
2012 the epocolips 2009-02-15
just answer them
Do Thoughts Create Reality? 2009-02-10 (closed)
This poll focuses on the philosophy that what we think and feel determines our experiences in lif...
Who Wants To Sell Cars On Sunday? 2009-02-04 (closed)
Why Is there a Law On Selling Cars On Sundays??? Why Dont We Just Sell Cars Any day Whats The Dif...
Believe It Or NOT! 2009-02-04 (closed)
Paranormal Belief Poll....Let Us Know What You Believe!
In a zombie outbreak would you... 2009-02-04
In a zombie outbreak would you...
Aliens??!! 2008-12-29 (closed)
Do you think aliens ae real?
Marijuana 2008-12-15
A survey about Medical Marijuana and Decriminalization Laws in the United States of America
Illegal Immigration 2008-12-11
Illegal Immigration
Are you Aware?? 2008-11-25 (closed)
Are you Aware??
Can you guess people's star signs correctly? 2008-11-15
Back in the early 90s there was a DJ on BBC radio (in Britain) who sometimes tried to guess the s...
Evan's Civics Poll 08 2008-11-14 (closed)
I made a poll for social studies