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Aliens:Are They Real? 2011-10-09
Please state if you think aliens are real, or if you think they do not exist.
Shipwreck trivia 2011-09-20
Im making some trivia of some shipwrecks, enjoy
fema camps U.S. real or not (residential centers) (concentration camps) 2011-06-26
fema camps U.S. real or not (residential centers) (concentration camps)
The 9/11 Lie 2011-06-18 (closed)
I want to know why people believe the government report, which they changed three times, over wha...
Is The End Coming 2011-03-20
The world is being bombarded with a series of major natural disasters. Major floods in Australia...
9/11 Poll 2011-02-26 (closed)
Who is responsible for 9/11
When Oil runs out, What will happen? 2011-01-22 (closed)
It is inevitable, our oil will run out.
What are your phobias? 2011-01-07 (closed)
phobia means "fear of." are you afraid of spiders, heights, small spaces, the dark, etc...
if you back in time to 1945 before that Hitler committed suicide 2010-12-22
if you had a time machine and you travel to 1945 moments before that Hitler committed suicide
how do you think humanity will end? 2010-11-07 (closed)
i think we will end it by war.
Paranormal 2010-10-09 (closed)
Hey. This is just a poll so I can get a general idea of what percentage of the population believe...
Do you believe in the government. (Americans only) 2010-08-28
For Americans.
Is the City of Richardson, Texas Corrupt? 2010-08-21
Public opinion on whether citizens think the City of Richardson is corrupt.
New World Order - Real or conspiracy theory 2010-07-14
Are you aware that many world leaders are talking about this and taking steps to make it happen, ...
2012!!!????? 2010-06-14
What do you think will happen in 2012
GoatCatBird 2010-05-29
Who- ManBearPig or GoatCatBird? 2010-05-29
Who- ManBearPig or GoatCatBird?
My Conspiracy Theory About Conspiracy Theories 2010-05-13
Here's my opinion, vote on if you think I am right or not...
new room name: 2010-05-10 (closed)
new room name:
What Will Happento Your Life? 2010-03-27
What Will Happento Your Life?
Alien Abductions Fact or Fiction 2010-03-27 (closed)
I have spent most of my life studying people. I have developed a genuine curiosity about viewpoi...
end of humans 2010-03-11
how you would like the world to end
What would you do? 2009-12-04 (closed)
What would you do?
A Secret Stone... Can you take a secret this big? 2009-11-25
I've been hearing rumors about a stone. I want to see what the public thinks about it...
Friday the 13th 2009-11-20
Do you believe in the Friday the 13th superstitions? Well, it's Friday, November 13th 2009... How...