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$1 Computer Wallpaper 2009-11-07
I am considering starting a website, selling computer desktop wallpaper that I create for $1 each...
Hard drive reliability poll 2009-12-12
Hard drive reliability poll
Your favourite Web Browser 2009-12-12
Your favourite Web Browser
Computer Use 2010-01-14
Computer Use
apple or microsoft 2010-05-29
Which company is better. Apple includes macs, iPods, iPhones, ect. Microsoft includes operating s...
Programming languages 2010-06-03
please give details of your experience with programming on computers
Computer Viruses 2010-06-16
Computer Viruses
Skype Toivo - Guy or Gal? 2010-07-10
In Skype communication programm there is a secret smiley (toivo). What do you think - is this a g...
iPhone vs Black Berry 2011-02-10
Which phone do you like more : iPhone or Blackberry
Technology in the Workplace 2011-12-12
Advancing technology in the workplace
Would you rent an iPad? 2012-01-16
Let say you do not have an iPad and you are looking to test drive this device. Or maybe you have ...
What operating system is the best? 2012-03-26
There are a lot of operating systems out there, which one is the best?
Standards for Web Site Forms 2012-04-02
Just wanting to get an idea of what people would prefer.
Was this website useful for you? 2012-06-19
Survey on the usefulness of the website
iCharge 2012-10-29
What do you think about Windows 8? 2013-04-23
Lots of people think that Windows 8 should go right to the trash can, because they're somehow bad...
Vote for the best logo for my startup 2014-06-09
Hi Everyone, i am running a contest for people to design a logo for my tech startup and would lov...
barry belda mister flagpole profile 2014-08-18
the briefstyle in flagpole ? MISTER REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES ? the money crown and the statue ...