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The best maker of laptops. 2006-01-15
Laptops are becoming more and more popular as they outsell destops.
Robot clothing 2006-03-07
In science fictiion it has been widely speculated that in the future when robots become a larger ...
which kind of computere do u like better, macs or pcs
Do You Know 2006-05-04
This poll is to find out how many people know how to assembel and disassemble a computer.
Internet Regulation 2006-05-15
This poll is simply to see how the public feels about the government regulating internet use.
Computer 2006-06-01
computer and software
Geekness Poll 2006-06-21
Are you a geek?
What do coders eat? 2006-08-14
Cows eat grass, monkeys eat bananas, but what do coders eat?
McAfee VS Norton 2006-09-22
Please vote whether which of the following security software is the best.
Desktop Linux Poll 2006-09-25
This poll is designed to help gather information about current users of desktop Linux distributions.
Do you like Wii? 2006-09-25
If you like wii, join my forum!
OS X or Windows XP? 2006-09-28
Better operating system?
The ULTIMATE Core 2 Conroe/Allendale Overclocking Poll 2006 2006-10-11
Core 2 Duo E6300, E6400, E6600, E6700, and X6800 owners, up coming buyers, this is the ultimate a...
Hard disk drive or solid state disk drives? 2006-10-23
There has been a rise of the Solid State Disk Market for a number of years. Companies like Fujit...
Website Of The Year!!!!!!!!!!! 2006-11-03
You Choose!!!
Dell Or Mac 2006-12-28
Do you like Apple or Dell Better
Better Firewall? 2007-02-03
Which firewall is the better one?
Poll of the day 2007-02-13
Whats your favorite p2p program?????
Have you upgraded to Windows Vista? 2007-04-23
Have you upgraded to Windows Vista?
Your Computer 2007-05-10
This is a poll abut your computer.
Is your computer up to PAR? 2007-06-06
Is your store brought PC up to the challenge? Can it handle today’s software?
Last time you used a floppy disk 2007-10-02
When was the last time you used a floppy disk?
Do you like hacking? 2007-12-27
Do you like hacking?
Online favs 2008-08-04
Online favs
Computer systems 2008-08-04
Computer systems