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The BEST Desktop OS? 2003-07-03
What is the BEST Desktop OS?
Best (and Worst) Version of Windows 2003-07-24
There are numerous versions of Windows, each one has more features than the last. What I want to...
PC vs. Mac 2003-09-08
This is a poll, to find out which is better between PC and Macintosh.
Computer skills certifications 2003-12-21
What certs do you have and how useful have they been to you?
Computer Literacy 2004-02-17
This is a simple poll to see the average computer literacy of the students of this class.
Computer hardware, OS favorites 2004-03-01
I know qbasic VBScript, VB.net, and c#, i've been building computers for years, and I've made goo...
How long should a poll be? 2004-05-05
Just a quick survey to find out what sort of poll you all like to respond to.
Technology Survey 2004-06-11
A comparison of men and women regarding technology.
Information Technology Ethics 2004-09-01
in order to understand the general populations understanding of computer ethics and what most thi...
Worst Tech Support 2004-09-12
Which company provides the WORST technical support?
What is the best compression format? 2004-10-12
What do you think is the best compression format for general files?
Computer Literacy / Functionality 2005-01-14
Most computer users are not computer literate. This limits their ability to function and learn. W...
Best Wireless Router 2005-01-17
Vote for your favorite wireless routers :)
Reverse Culture Shock 2005-02-21
Reverse Culture Shock
Downloading Music 2005-03-01
This poll is for a paper I am doing for a class on illegaly downloading using P2P filesharing pro...
SEARCH ENGINE 2005-03-02
welcome to the world of search engines!
Your parents' attitude towards your usage of PCs 2005-05-10
What is your mom/dad's attitude towards your use of computers?
The ULTIMATE computer poll! 2005-07-29
There's tons of different polls out there, but this one has tons of cool stuff in it! Come on, v...
COMPUTING 2005-07-29
To find out how often and for what purpose you use your PC.
Memory Chip in your head! 2005-08-28
Do you think it would be better if you have a memory chip in your head to memorise everything you...
Best Ani-Virus 2005-09-01
Vote for your favorite anti-virus program.
Interface annoyances 2005-09-19
Two things that drive me nuts in Windows that weren't near as bad in pre-X MacOS are hierarchical...
Which computer company do you like? 2005-12-07
Microsoft, Mac, or other. Please pick
What is your most prized piece of computer related debris? 2005-12-19
I am writing an article for a computer magazine, and need to know what a geeks most prized piece ...
Computers 2005-12-28
About Computers