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Simulation Hypothesis 2013-01-21
The universe as a computer, a hologram, or a computer simulation or virtual reality, was 1st prop...
Google+ for Google apps 2013-10-28
You use Google Apps in lots of distinct ways, and we expect the identical for Google+. Apps users...
Vote for the best logo for my startup 2014-06-09
Hi Everyone, i am running a contest for people to design a logo for my tech startup and would lov...
Site Functions 2015-01-02
Depending on the theme and functions of a website, it has to have certain features for optimal us...
Gates and Microsoft 1998-12-08
<b>Tired of the stranglehold Microsoft has on your computer and the Internet? Tired of the...
Your printer is 2000-12-27
Please choose what kind of printer do you have.
What is the best Computer Brand? 2000-12-29
I'm looking to buy a new computer and want to start with the brand, so I'm looking for your help....
Mac's Or Windows? 2001-03-02
What's your favorite OS?
Whats in your PC 2001-06-26
So, what components are inside your PC? Trying to find out what is the most common Pc components
Your computer 2001-11-28
We are in a statistics class, and for a project we are interested in your computer usage. We are ...
ANTIVIRUS 2002-01-03
Antivirus's Poll
Computer Information 2002-02-18
Please specify your system processor type, Mhz, RAM, Hard Drive size and operating system.
Most Useful And Least Useful Computer Software 2002-02-25
What software, in your experience, have you found to be the most and least useful to you, not on...
Are You A Computer Troll? 2002-04-22
Are you growing hooves from sitting at your computer desk all day? Take this poll and find out if...
Is Windows XP the best operating system? 2002-05-02
Is Microsoft Windows XP the best operating system on the market?
Pentium III vs. Duron 2002-05-08
Read the title!
Hacking 2002-08-12
All about hacking and stuff!
Fear Dot Com - Could it really happen? 2002-08-22
Is the premise behind Fear Dot Com really realistic?
Smart Homes of the Future 2002-11-14
There has been a lot of talk about the new Smart Homes of the Future. They will have tons of ways...
Which mainboard you think is best? 2002-12-03
Which mainboard you think is best?(Nowaday)
Which Microsoft Windows do you think is the best for gamer? 2002-12-16
Choose Windows do you think best for be the OS for gamer?
Digital Cameras 2002-12-24
How do you print your digital pictures? or do you?
What is your Favorite Operating System? 2003-01-02
Another Fav OS poll:-)
b3ta users. 2003-06-10
do you use mac or pc primarily?
Computer Engineering Department (Kuwait University) 2003-06-18
Guys .. this is a poll for Computer Engineers ONLY .. it's a way to kill the boring we all feel ....