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Artificial Intelligence. 2006-02-15
By reading the title of this poll, you can tell that is about 1 the most hotly debated scientific...
Electronics Store Business Names 2006-07-28
A poll of how you feel about Retail Electronic Store Names.
Computer Most Preferred 2006-08-21
This poll sees which computer is the most preferred based on your computer knowledge.
Student Verification 2007-01-23
A scanning system that students use when boarding or disembarking a school bus and entering and e...
Computers 2007-07-03
This is a poll to help me out in a project I am currently working on. Please participate, and ans...
Which Logs Do You Collect? 2007-10-26
This poll is about computer and network log collection for analysis and other purposes
Why did you get an Ipod? 2008-03-31
Why did you get an Ipod?
Favorite Linux DE 2008-04-23
What is your favorite Desktop environment (DE) for for Linux?
How should I suicide? 2008-10-09
How should I suicide?
Windows vs Mac 2008-12-28
Windows vs Mac
How much time do you spend on the computer each day 2009-10-31
How much time do you spend on the computer each day
Computer Specs 2009-12-21
Trying to get the average computer specs.
Are You An Internet Geek? 2011-03-20
This is the poll where you can find out if your Internet mad or just average. Maybe this will hel...
What are the standard specifications for computers? 2011-06-08
Of all of the possible combinations of computers, what is the most common configuration.
Android or apple 2011-09-19
If you could get a free android phone or a free iPhone which would you choose?
Web Browsers 2012-01-16
Web Browsers
Which Company Do You Distrust More? 2012-05-24
Which do you distrust more, Google or Facebook?
Which operating system do you use? 2012-06-28
Only two questions. All answers are appreciated. Thanks!
ps vita vs 3ds 2012-11-26
Questionnaire for Computer systems 2012-12-13
Questionnaire for Computer systems
Simulation Hypothesis 2013-01-21
The universe as a computer, a hologram, or a computer simulation or virtual reality, was 1st prop...
Google+ for Google apps 2013-10-28
You use Google Apps in lots of distinct ways, and we expect the identical for Google+. Apps users...
Site Functions 2015-01-02
Depending on the theme and functions of a website, it has to have certain features for optimal us...
Gates and Microsoft 1998-12-08
<b>Tired of the stranglehold Microsoft has on your computer and the Internet? Tired of the...
Your printer is 2000-12-27
Please choose what kind of printer do you have.