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Does Apple Computer have a future? 2001-11-19
What does everyone think of the future prospects for Apple Computer?
which operating system is better? 2004-01-20
I came to school one day and everyone argued that microsoft was better then apple even with the b...
Computers 2004-10-12
This is a poll about computers
Artificial Intelligence. 2006-02-15
By reading the title of this poll, you can tell that is about 1 the most hotly debated scientific...
Web Browser Questionnaire 2006-03-19
After gaining useful information from this questionnaire, we will design the most user friendly w...
Computers 2007-01-02
This poll is to find out how many people have computer issues.
Data Storage 2009-08-03
Please help me with my A-Level research
Caps Attack! 2009-10-31
How much do you hate caps lock?
Cell phones 2009-11-01
Cell phones
How about YOU? 2010-08-21
I am doing a project this year on social media marketing, and how company's sales might be affect...
What brand of computer do you have 2011-12-28
one question.
What type of smart phone do you own? 2012-11-07
I would like to see the most common type of smart phones.
Cell phones 2013-05-13
How often do you use your cell phone?
Pushing buttons with your thumb or with a finger survey 2014-05-16
Many people press the buttons of their mobile phone (cell phone) with the thumb of the hand they ...
Which is better? Mac or PC 2000-12-13
I want to find out what you think is better,Mac or PC?
What is the best pc game 2001-06-21
just choose a pc game (more than one can be chosen) and click vote
Computer Poll 2001-11-26
We were wondering how often you use a computer!! Complete the poll below!
What colour is your computer? 2002-05-06
Is your computer as pretty as it could be?
Computer Use 2002-05-23
The information gathered from this poll is to be used in an online article on a weblog. Thank you.
Are USB Keys for Real? 2003-08-13
We want to know how many people are really using a USB key to store, secure, transport data.
WYSIWYG acronyms 2004-02-16
Think WYSIWYG, and think "What you see is what you get," right? Wrong!! On this site,...
Parents monitoring what their teenagers do online 2004-03-03
Should Parents Become Big Brother? New software allows parents to control virtually everythin...
How many computers do you have? 2004-08-16
I want to know how many computers you have
Computer Makes 2004-09-17
This is to see what the most faviote PC make is.
Best Laptop Brand? 2005-02-08
In your opinion, what is the best manufacturer for Laptops?