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Windows 2009-12-11
Glare or Non-Glare Laptop Displays ? 2009-11-10
Glare or Non-Glare Laptop Displays, which do you prefer ?
Did you like this avatar#1? 2009-11-10
Describe if ou like it or not...
$1 Computer Wallpaper 2009-11-07
I am considering starting a website, selling computer desktop wallpaper that I create for $1 each...
Cell phones 2009-11-01
Cell phones
Caps Attack! 2009-10-31
How much do you hate caps lock?
How much time do you spend on the computer each day 2009-10-31
How much time do you spend on the computer each day
The sexy poll 2009-10-23
this poll is sexy
Do you miss how fast your computer used to be? 2009-10-23
Favorite Desktop Setup 2009-10-23 (closed)
Choose your favorite Mac Desktop Setup.
Polling Blogku 2009-10-19
Silahkan pilih salah satu menurut pendapat anda.
Windows Driver poll 2009-10-14
Are you ready to spend money on windows driver install or updates?
GPS device 2009-10-11 (closed)
I'm doing a research on GPS device - user interface. This is just a general question to do some s...
flash for iphone!! 2009-10-08
do you think apple should allow flash for the iphone?
Should Voice Calls over WiFi Be Allowed on Flights 2009-10-02 (closed)
WiFi (wireless LAN) access is becoming more common place in airplanes. Should voice calls (for ex...
Culture Study about 3C Products 2009-09-26 (closed)
This is a survey made for a school project. It is part of a series of other culture study polls. ...
Performance Test Contest 2009-09-23 (closed)
Vote for the one you Think will win best out of three attempts at the highest scoring PC performa...
Microsoft vs. Apple 2009-08-25
Would you rather see Microsoft die or Apple?
Poll 2009-08-04 (closed)
Mac or PC? 2009-08-03
I'm getting a new computer soon, Probably an Imac. Tell me which one you like better.
Red vs Blue 2009-08-03
Red vs blue is a halo based comedy
Data Storage 2009-08-03
Please help me with my A-Level research
MetaLink vs. My Oracle Support 2009-07-10
A new version of the Oracle Support site is set be mandatory as of 7/31/2009. Many users of Class...
Talk 2009-07-06 (closed)
Seasearch Beta vs Seaearch 2009-06-28 (closed)
Well finally sesearch is starting to look somewhat lifelike now. but only we have 2 indexes one...