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Xcode 4 Migration 2011-05-29
Surveys the extent to which Xcode users have migrated to version 4.
Xcode Usage 2011-05-29
Surveys usage of various versions of the Xcode IDE for MacOS X.
ARM or Intel 2011-05-26 (closed)
Who will win the battle on mobile market?
Cellular Phones vs. Stationary Phones. What do you prefer to use? 2011-04-01 (closed)
This Questionnaire is targeting young and mature audience, who are familiar with telecommunicatio...
Electronics and Entertainment poll 2011-03-22 (closed)
Electronics and Entertainment poll
Are You An Internet Geek? 2011-03-20
This is the poll where you can find out if your Internet mad or just average. Maybe this will hel...
Tech questions 2011-03-12 (closed)
For a sterring committee
What is the best Operating System? 2011-03-03 (closed)
Operating Systems of the computer
iPhone vs Black Berry 2011-02-10
Which phone do you like more : iPhone or Blackberry
Lack of Android 2.2 Froyo for Samsung Epic 4G 2011-02-05
Lack of Android 2.2 Froyo for Samsung Epic 4G
Operating System We Use 2011-02-05 (closed)
Provided for my research study.
Cell Phones 2011-02-05
Here are a few questions about your phone and provider.
Which is: better, faster, less battery consume, more stable ? Voodoo vs SpeedMod 2011-01-25 (closed)
Just chose 1 of theme You think is better.
Feedback for my college project. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxv7J3UouKs 2010-12-12
Please copy and paste the link above to watch the video in youtube If you have the time please ta...
PCI DSS Compliance Percentages 2010-12-12 (closed)
I know that poll is not reality (well, reality is reality! :-)), but I am kinda curious what peop...
What effect does technology have on your daily life? 2010-11-07 (closed)
I am conducting research to see how modern technology affects society and our lives.
Texting Poll 2010-11-07
For those of you who know what text messaging is, take this poll.
Mac or PC (Quality or Price) 2010-10-16
In an ever changing climate do you really value quality or price?
What would you like to see in a new website? 2010-09-14
I'm creating a community site. It will be the place to share ideas, tips, tricks, information, on...
Intellectual Safety - Information Age 2010-09-12
The basis of this poll is to gather a general opinion of whether you feel that you can create any...
What's your game console 2010-09-04 (closed)
What's your game console
Should I start a business that teaches people how to use their electronics at ho 2010-08-21 (closed)
I work at Walgreens in the photo lab and I see people everyday that barley even know how to take ...
computer website suggestions 2010-08-21 (closed)
I am going to create a computer troubleshooting website and i'm having a little trouble decidin...
How about YOU? 2010-08-21
I am doing a project this year on social media marketing, and how company's sales might be affect...