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Mac Computers 2012-05-01 (closed)
Mac Computers
am i too young 2012-04-13
This is my big sisters thing im 9 am i too young to now about sex
Online friends. Reality or Virtuality 2012-04-11 (closed)
Are online friends the same the friends in your real world? ONLINE or VIRTUAL are they different...
Standards for Web Site Forms 2012-04-02
Just wanting to get an idea of what people would prefer.
What operating system is the best? 2012-03-26
There are a lot of operating systems out there, which one is the best?
Technology Q & A 2012-02-27
Technology Q & A
What do YOU think about TECHNOLOGY TODAY? 2012-02-02 (closed)
PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE. This is for my 2012 Senior Project and I really need results this month...
BGCOP 2012-01-23
mac or pc? 2012-01-19
do you like macs or pcs
Would you rent an iPad? 2012-01-16
Let say you do not have an iPad and you are looking to test drive this device. Or maybe you have ...
Web Browsers 2012-01-16
Web Browsers
What brand of computer do you have 2011-12-28
one question.
Technology in the Workplace 2011-12-12
Advancing technology in the workplace
DREAM Technology Plan 2011-12-06 (closed)
The purpose of the poll will be to use the survey as a measure to inventory the faculty and staff...
Entourage/Outlook verses Apple Mail 2011-11-21 (closed)
Entourage/Outlook verses Apple Mail
Computer operating systems 2011-10-13 (closed)
Computer operating systems
Do you Like Laptops or Desktops Better 2011-10-10 (closed)
Do you Like Laptops or Desktops Better
PC or MAC Computer 2011-09-20 (closed)
PC or MAC Computer
Android or apple 2011-09-19
If you could get a free android phone or a free iPhone which would you choose?
Lost In Mobile industry poll 2011-08-08 (closed)
Lost In Mobile industry poll
Computer cleaning programs for all sorts of problems 2011-08-06
I am seeing what other people think of these programs
PC or Mac 2011-07-13 (closed)
Easy question
Which classic computer of the late 70s/early 80s is the best? 2011-06-26
There've been many flame-wars between users of ATARI, Commodore, Apple and Sinclair users in the ...
ipod touch 2011-06-18 (closed)
this poll is about ipod touches and your favorite games!!
What are the standard specifications for computers? 2011-06-08
Of all of the possible combinations of computers, what is the most common configuration.