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Pentium III vs. Duron 2002-05-08
Read the title!
What colour is your computer? 2002-05-06
Is your computer as pretty as it could be?
Is Windows XP the best operating system? 2002-05-02
Is Microsoft Windows XP the best operating system on the market?
Are You A Computer Troll? 2002-04-22
Are you growing hooves from sitting at your computer desk all day? Take this poll and find out if...
You and J2EE 2002-04-09
This poll is to evaluate how predominant Java is as a language, and more particularly J2EE as an ...
WEB SMS 2002-04-09
SMS is as important as making a call or sending an e-mail/fax. There are two ways of sending SMS,...
Has your company been infected by a Computer Virus? 2002-03-14
Has your company's network been infected by a computer virus, due to the lack of proper end user...
Computers & Life 2002-03-08
About comp.
Most Useful And Least Useful Computer Software 2002-02-25
What software, in your experience, have you found to be the most and least useful to you, not on...
Computer Information 2002-02-18
Please specify your system processor type, Mhz, RAM, Hard Drive size and operating system.
computer programming 2002-01-22
i am 13 and can write pretty basic programmes i want to know who else knows how to programme.
ANTIVIRUS 2002-01-03
Antivirus's Poll
Free software or not...in UNIX world 2001-12-31
Just a few questions about free and non-free software in UNIX world.
Workplace Operating Systems 2001-12-10
A poll to determine the distribution of operating systems on the desktop and in the back office i...
Le Cirque de Karakuri Poll! 2001-12-06
This poll will change from time to time.
Operating Systems 2001-12-03
A poll on computer operating-system use and preferences.
Your computer 2001-11-28
We are in a statistics class, and for a project we are interested in your computer usage. We are ...
Computer Poll 2001-11-26
We were wondering how often you use a computer!! Complete the poll below!
Does Apple Computer have a future? 2001-11-19
What does everyone think of the future prospects for Apple Computer?
BEST LINUX DISTRO??? 2001-10-23
Say you opinion....
AMD vs. Intel 2001-10-14
Lets find out who the real processor champion is for our selves.
What Operating Systems Do You Use? 2001-10-01
Do you use Windows, A Mac, Linux, Amiga or QNX?
Mac os, windows, or linux 2001-09-04
What is your OS of choice?
Polling for a name for a description of "i" in iGen3. 2001-09-04
Trying to determine what the "i" stands for in iGen3 ... the new name for the futurecol...
Whats in your PC 2001-06-26
So, what components are inside your PC? Trying to find out what is the most common Pc components