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Is Microsoft fair? 2003-12-15
I don't really like Microsoft products and use Linux. This is why I made this poll. People are be...
which Flash tool is your favorite? 2003-12-05
I just wanted to know what flash tool is your favorite
Dell Computers 2003-12-05
We at Dell would like to know what you think of our company.
What emac Monitor problems do you have? 2003-11-28
This is a poll to document some of the Apple emac monitor problems.
Are you prepared for Disaster Recover? 2003-11-19
This poll is designed to show how many of the poll takers currently back up there data
Computers in the office 2003-11-18
This poll is to find out about how many people have computers in the workplace, relax it will be ...
Dell vs Compaq 2003-11-06
We want to know which computer company you feel is better and why?
What is your favorite website? 2003-10-28
This poll is to see what website people like most.
GeForce or Radeon? 2003-09-16
Which graphic cards are better (faster, better image quality)? ATI Radeon series or nVidia GeForc...
PC vs. Mac 2003-09-08
This is a poll, to find out which is better between PC and Macintosh.
Your computer needs 2003-09-08
Computer sales
ATI Vs. nVidia 2003-08-26
Which one do you think is better?
OS preferences 2003-08-22
OS preferences of b3ta-ers
Are USB Keys for Real? 2003-08-13
We want to know how many people are really using a USB key to store, secure, transport data.
Building Your PC Vs. Brand Name PC's 2003-08-06
This is to determine if you are truley faithfull and not an End-user.
Waz The Best Computer 2003-07-25
Computer users' habits 2003-07-24
like to know people's views in the PC internet world
Mac Vs. PC 2003-07-24
A poll to see wether you like or know Mac or PC
Best (and Worst) Version of Windows 2003-07-24
There are numerous versions of Windows, each one has more features than the last. What I want to...
Technology Pereipherals 2003-07-16
This poll is abut Peripheral Devices
The BEST Desktop OS? 2003-07-03
What is the BEST Desktop OS?
Computer Engineering Department (Kuwait University) 2003-06-18
Guys .. this is a poll for Computer Engineers ONLY .. it's a way to kill the boring we all feel ....
b3ta users. 2003-06-10
do you use mac or pc primarily?
Features most important in a MIDI sequencing program 2003-06-05
I'm developing a MIDI sequencer with audio capabilities and would like to know which features are...
What is the best somputer brand among these? 2003-05-28
I would like to buy a computer. However, I need to pick just one affordable. I found several bran...