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Computers, hardware, & gaming Poll 2004-07-14
Just interested in finding out general information about other people's computers and other relat...
More Time 2004-07-07
Microsoft Should Spend More Time Making operating systems, so they are more stable.
Technology Survey 2004-06-11
A comparison of men and women regarding technology.
Network Security 2004-05-22
Security is an important feature of most software, and is becoming an ever important aspect of li...
P2P 2004-05-06
This poll aims to give a better idea of how people share files online.
How long should a poll be? 2004-05-05
Just a quick survey to find out what sort of poll you all like to respond to.
Leaving Messages 2004-04-30
This is a poll about the "messages" section of the MisterPoll site
Do you like Dell? 2004-04-28
Dude! Were getting a dell! Maybe...
How Much To Pay For SMS Services 2004-04-18
Hello, As a Nigerian, If your favorite cyber-cafe started offering a service allowing you to s...
Digital Divide 2004-04-14
This is a poll about the Digital Divide for a school project. Please take it as it will help me ...
Lotus Notes Poll 2004-03-09
Welcome, this is a poll to find out what Trident Apple Mac users think of their Lotus Notes softw...
My Computer Icons 2004-03-08
PC users only- Would you be intrested in some more My computer and other icons? Please check out ...
What brand CPU do u prefer? 2004-03-08
Ok pplz, time to let the world know, what is the most prefered CPU?
Parents monitoring what their teenagers do online 2004-03-03
Should Parents Become Big Brother? New software allows parents to control virtually everythin...
Computer hardware, OS favorites 2004-03-01
I know qbasic VBScript, VB.net, and c#, i've been building computers for years, and I've made goo...
Computer Literacy 2004-02-17
This is a simple poll to see the average computer literacy of the students of this class.
Is Open Source Software Advantageous? 2004-02-17
This poll is to determine the public's thoughts on open source software.
WYSIWYG acronyms 2004-02-16
Think WYSIWYG, and think "What you see is what you get," right? Wrong!! On this site,...
Computer Hardware for Music technology 2004-02-04
Just wondering what kind of computers people use to make music
New Programming Language Name 2004-01-20
Hello. I (along with friends) am making a new Computer Programming Language. However we do not kn...
which operating system is better? 2004-01-20
I came to school one day and everyone argued that microsoft was better then apple even with the b...
iBook Logic Board Problems 2004-01-07
This is a survey to see if there is a common factor which may be affecting the logic board proble...
neopets 2003-12-24
Neopian Poll 2003-12-23
This is just a random poll of what you like about Neopets.
Computer skills certifications 2003-12-21
What certs do you have and how useful have they been to you?