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Do you ever turn your computer off? 2005-02-08
Well I think the title says it all
Best Laptop Brand? 2005-02-08
In your opinion, what is the best manufacturer for Laptops?
What CPU are you using? 2005-02-02
a non bias survey on what CPU people in this fourum are using. This is not a who is better poll ...
All about your computer and internet use.... 2005-02-02
Just curious how y'all use your computers and internet...
Random Poll 2005-01-20
Best Wireless Router 2005-01-17
Vote for your favorite wireless routers :)
Computer Literacy / Functionality 2005-01-14
Most computer users are not computer literate. This limits their ability to function and learn. W...
Which processor is best? 2005-01-07
I am interested to see what processors people have and what they think is best...
HP or Dell? 2004-11-25
Nickste's HP or Dell Poll
Computer Basics (CPU + Video card) 2004-11-22
you know what to do...
Computer Combinations (Processor and Video Card) 2004-11-07
Answer the follow question as accurately as possible.
What kind of games do you like 2004-10-26
By taking this poll, please help me improve my website. This poll is intended for the purpose of ...
How Will You Rate Yellowcard World? 2004-10-21
If you have downloaded Yellowcard World 1.0, this please answer the following questions.
Computers 2004-10-12
This is a poll about computers
What is the best compression format? 2004-10-12
What do you think is the best compression format for general files?
Is Doom 3 what it is cracked up to be 2004-09-30
I bourt doom 3 and i think thet after a few hours it got old. do you guys (and gals) think so??
Computer Poll 2004-09-28
A few questions about your computer usage
Which Speeds up your computer More? 2004-09-28
Which Speeds up your computer More?
Which firewall do you use? 2004-09-21
Just interested in what firewalls people prefer. Comments on pros and cons of their firewalls ar...
Computer Makes 2004-09-17
This is to see what the most faviote PC make is.
Software, Hardware, and Ware...ware 2004-09-15
Just wanted to know what people prefered
Worst Tech Support 2004-09-12
Which company provides the WORST technical support?
Information Technology Ethics 2004-09-01
in order to understand the general populations understanding of computer ethics and what most thi...
How many computers do you have? 2004-08-16
I want to know how many computers you have
Dell vs HP 2004-08-12
Would you choose a Dell or HP printer?