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Printer to buy 2005-06-09
About printers...
Randomness 12 2005-06-05
Totally Random Things.
Poll 2005-06-01
CNN Gaming Poll
Weather Software Questionnaire 2005-05-21
Aim: The aim of this questionnaire is to find information about the target audience for a new sof...
Which Operating System do you use? 2005-05-19
Which operating system do you use on your computer?
Your parents' attitude towards your usage of PCs 2005-05-10
What is your mom/dad's attitude towards your use of computers?
WiMax 2005-05-03
WiMax and its introduction into America in the future.
Computer or Playstation2? 2005-04-19
Which is better, a computer or playstation 2 FOR GAMING ONLY. Thanks
Online Classes 2005-04-19
I would like to know what students think about learning online. In comparison to the class room.
Randomness 10 2005-04-06
Totally Random Things.
Compu-Poll 2005-03-23
This is my first poll so please vote. If I get a lot of voters, i plan to do a Compu-Poll 2, 3 etc.
OS poll 2005-03-18
choose which OS of windows you like the best! of course some people dont like Windows but you gu...
OS Poll (which one do you hate?) 2005-03-18
this is the poll of which Windows Operating System you hate the most! if theres another Windows O...
Randomness 9 2005-03-07
Totally Random Questions.
SEARCH ENGINE 2005-03-02
welcome to the world of search engines!
133t or gh3y? 2005-03-02
We must weed out the dumbasses.
Getting revenge on spy ware and ad ware 2005-03-02
I have recently had to do battle with some very stubborn spy ware that was on my system. I want r...
Mac vs PC 2005-03-02
What is better???
Which image editor you like the most? 2005-03-01
if you choose other explain which image editor you like that isnt listed
Downloading Music 2005-03-01
This poll is for a paper I am doing for a class on illegaly downloading using P2P filesharing pro...
The browser wars - Mozilla vs. Internet Explorer vs. others! 2005-02-23
As we all know, Mozilla Firefox has made significant strides on Internet Explorer in terms of mar...
Palm future 2005-02-23
Do you think the future of Palm One and the overall future of Palm OS lies in Phone/PDA devices s...
Reverse Culture Shock 2005-02-21
Reverse Culture Shock
Randomness 8 2005-02-19
Totally Random Questions.
Who would win a fight between Matthew Smith and Jeff Minter? 2005-02-18
Matthew Smith: Author of the classic Speccy games Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy, and all round Sp...