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Electronics Store Business Names 2006-07-28
A poll of how you feel about Retail Electronic Store Names.
Is Best Buy going to really be the first to get the Chip? 2006-07-25
Will Best Buy be the first place to get the new Intel Chip?
Mac or PC 2006-07-10
Hi, I'm a Mac and I'm a PC
Best Voice Software 2006-07-10
This poll is to see if Ventrilo is better than TeamSpeak.
Network Digramming Software 2006-07-05
Diagram Software
Geekness Poll 2006-06-21
Are you a geek?
Computer Software 2006-06-11
Hello, i'm planning on making a linux distribution focusing on desktop users. Please answer the f...
Computer 2006-06-01
computer and software
Colour picker preferece 2006-05-31
What colour picker mode do you like the best in drawing programs.
Help me buy a computer 2006-05-23
choose the following characteristics to help buy my computer
What country was your computer mouse manufactured in? 2006-05-17
I am conducting this poll to determine the distrobution of of mouse manufacturing to country. So ...
Internet Regulation 2006-05-15
This poll is simply to see how the public feels about the government regulating internet use.
RealBasic Interface Preference, old or new? 2006-05-06
Do you prefer the multi window Realbasic interface (version 5.5 or earlier) or the new, one windo...
Do You Know 2006-05-04
This poll is to find out how many people know how to assembel and disassemble a computer.
Fav. kind of website? 2006-05-03
Do you have a fav. website/ kind of website let us know!
Got enough power in your hands? 2006-05-01
That's a poll about the number of pc's in everyone's ownage and the availability if computers in ...
OMG 2006-04-30
When you are chatting online and you see "OMG" what do you read it as?
New Computer System 2006-04-30
This poll is to survey how a new computer system recently designed will be accepted by the public...
What you think about Wireless Communication? 2006-04-26
What do you think about wireless communication?
do you have a myspace profile 2006-04-26
this is a poll to see how many people have myspace
Future of Encryption 2006-04-26
Computers are getting faster and faster - where does that leave encryption?
CMYK vs RGB 2006-04-25
which do you prefer? CMYK stands for: <font color="cyan"><b>C</b>...
Handwritting Fonts 2006-04-19
Having your handwritting made into a font
which kind of computere do u like better, macs or pcs
what are the specs of your computer? 2006-04-17
Just wondering what everyone has out there. (if you know very little about your computer I'd sugg...