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Contemplating Installation Of A New Computer System? 2007-12-09
If you are an organization who is considering installing a new system, this questionnaire may be ...
What Do You Do With Logs? 2007-12-06
The poll about what you do with your system, network and security logs, that you collect.
MSN Poll 2007-11-27
I am programming a cross platform (Linux/Windows/FreeBSD) MSN Messenger replacement, so I need to...
Why Collect Logs? 2007-11-08
This poll asks the audience about the main driving reason for their log collection efforts.
Which Logs Do You Collect? 2007-10-26
This poll is about computer and network log collection for analysis and other purposes
My Computer 2007-10-26
What's up with YOUR computer?
Electronics 2007-10-09
This poll is about ipods and cell phones.
building custom computers 2007-10-09
hi guys i am a person that likes to see what i should buy for my next computer build and which co...
Last time you used a floppy disk 2007-10-02
When was the last time you used a floppy disk?
Your Enterprise Portal 2007-09-10
Nowdays, enterprises use protals to manage their work. We are a team of programmers who ar going ...
Should Apple Sell Their Notebook Computers At WalMart? 2007-09-02
Should Apple Sell Their Notebook Computers At WalMart?
Windows POLL 2007-09-02
Thiss is my first poll.
NVidia vs ATI 2007-08-16
what graphics card is Beta
Switching PCs 2007-08-16
A look at the public's thoughts on buying a new computer
Which web browser do you use? 2007-08-14
If you have windows most will probably use explorer, but if you have a mac you probably have a ch...
Break That Policy! 2007-08-10
This poll is about breaking security policy
Dell or Mac 2007-08-04
Hello, I may be getting a Mac or a Dell for my birthday and I wanted to know which you thought wa...
Vista or XP? 2007-07-25
Should I use Windows XP or Windows Vista? (64 of course)
Vista or XP?? 2007-07-24
Do you think vista sucks??
RAC Archeology 2007-07-22
This is a quick poll to see how many RAC users have prior OPS experience.
AMD or Intel? 2007-07-22
This is a Poll to assess the success factors of Intel or AMD in the consumer CPU Industry and the...
HP vs Dell 2007-07-20
Which is better HP or Dell
Club Penguin 2007-07-03
This poll is for Club penguin members. it`s to see what members are like on Club Penguin, oh by t...
Computers 2007-07-03
This is a poll to help me out in a project I am currently working on. Please participate, and ans...
Playstation 3 Glitching 2007-06-09
A poll for a forum at gamespot.com to see how people find glitching on Resistance: Fall of Man