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Emma Watson and Dakota Fanning 2010-02-16
Nice girls compared
strong-legged ladies 2015-08-11
who has the most muscular legs?
singers league 2006-01-12
Emma and Diva - Kim Novak 2015-12-14
Who is stronger, Emma Watson or the diva?
most powerful legs 2005-12-17
power female
back in time with the stars 2017-01-20
imagine the girls back in time, all at age 15. who were the strong ones in those days?
Emma Watson and Maisie Williams 2017-06-02
Cute girls compared
Emma Watson and Sophia Vassilieva 2010-05-03
Cute girls compared
Emma and Diva - Sophia Loren 2015-12-14
Who is stronger, Emma Watson or the diva?
Mixed Wrestling / Fighting with Singers ft. Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande & Others 2015-12-07
Includes Victoria Justice, JLo, Spears, Swift, Minaj, Cyrus, Minogue, Avril, Simpson and many mor...
Emma Watson and Katie Leung 2010-09-23
Cute girls compared
Strongest female singer 2002-08-07
Who is the physically strongest of these female singers?
hottest superstar 2006-04-19
hottest women
Catfight Tournament 2005-05-21
Who do you think would win the following catfights?
more arwmwrestling 2007-08-23
who's got stronger arms?
VERY Ticklish Female Celebrities 2005-01-11
All female celebrities are ticklish? RIGHT?
Celebrities contest 2003-04-25
Compare celebrities in two different categories with each other
Celeb Catfight Victims 2006-10-08
This poll deals with selecting your favorite helpless celebrity catfight victim.
Raquel Welch III 2010-07-17
Raquel Welch vs other divas
pretty cats fighting... 2008-08-21
who combines power with agility and concentration?
Emma Watson and the Sexy Stars 2017-07-21
Who would win a catfight, Emma or the Stars in their best days?
Who is the strongest celeb? 2007-11-17
If they are fighting: Who is the strongest in a fight without rules?
finally some physical education at hogwarts... 2009-07-21
girls from hogwarts (and surroundings) in some stimulating activities... who are the strong ones?
hot armwrestling 2006-09-25
stars fighting... 2009-12-12
beauties in a catfight