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catfight - mini league 11 2016-02-02
bonnie wright, sheena shahabadi, emma watson and alia bhatt in a thrilling catfight
Jennifer Lopez Vs. Madonna - who would win a fight 2003-01-31
Madonna and Jennifer Lopez both infuriated, in two pieces lingerie, fighting with all their stren...
paris hilton hot fight 2006-04-30
celebs fighting for their name: A-K 2007-07-25
girls can get very angry, when another girl has got the same things as she has. Here, girls with ...
Female Celebrities arm wrestling 2009-12-11
I'll add more matches/celebrities very soon. Who would win these arm wrestling matches:
Stars boxing 2010-02-08
Who is quick and strong?
Maria Sharapova: Winner or loser in Catfights? 2016-03-08
Women's tennis superstar Maria Sharapova has enjoyed an accomplished and celebrated career. But h...
who needs a booty spanking 2003-01-30
vote and see who you want to get spanked and scream
young celebrities boxing 2009-05-11
who has more punch and endurance?
<img src="http://annehecheblog.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/jennifer-lawrence.jpg?w=500&qu...
wimpy celebs vs. the catty ones..2 2003-09-18
well you know the situation from my previous poll.Just funny moments that could really happen to ...
Paris Hilton Celebrity Catfights!!!!! 2004-11-07
put paris hilton against many female stars. Whose your pick?
Strongest Celebs 2009-01-21
Which girls have muscles?
Anne Hathaway vs Scarlett Johansson 2009-03-13
Anne Hathaway vs Scarlett Johansson
kristen stewart fights 2009-08-04
kristen isn't exactly the scene's most physical girl. by whom would would she really be "sla...
Emma Watson and Ariana Grande 2013-09-03
Cute girls compared
Wrestling WWE Divas: Past & Present 2017-04-06
The WWE Divas are know for being strong athletes, but could they defeat a male? Features Divas fr...
Britney Murphy catfights 2003-08-06
*see topic*
POLL FICTION: A Smothering Beauty 2009-04-11 (closed)
POLL FICTION: A Smothering Beauty
Heather Locklear vs Linda Gray 2010-09-14
Heather Locklear(Amanda Wodward-Melrose Place) versus Linda Gray(Sue Ellen Ewing-Dallas) <a...
Tickling Taylor Swift 2015-05-04
<img class="irc_mi" style="margin-top: 0px;" src="http://i5.cdnds.net...
Celebrities you see as dominant, submissive, or switch 2016-12-26
In this poll you will decide if the listed celebrities, in your opinion, should be domme, sub, or...
/////////////Hottest Female///////////////// 2005-04-26
im am wondering wht da hottest female is, give opiopn!
wrestling actress 2005-10-20
who will win a wrestling match
Beautiful Celebs 2007-10-08
Here are some of the world's most beautiful ladies. Which one is the best?