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Pick one! 2005-06-24
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Favorite Hollywood BOOTY ROUND 2 2005-07-05
Tell me whos booty is better. I eliminated ashlee simpson,tyra banks,angelina jolie, shakira, and...
Hottest Hollywood Mommy 2005-07-11
Tell me who is the hottest mommy or mommy to-be.
Hilary Duff VS Lindsay Lohan 2005-07-11
who is the best
Battle of The Voices 2005-07-11
Who has the best voice, I personally think Britney Spears has the best voice for edgy & beaut...
Hottest Victorias Secret Model? 2005-07-11
So0o ok they are ALL beautiful but which one is the most beautiuful one?
SURVIVOR celebrity HOTNESS:FINALE 2005-07-12
Here is the FINALE! I eliminated by taking the lowest percentages.The average votings that came i...
Hottest Female Contest Nominations 2005 Part 2 2005-07-12
122 Ladies have made it into the contest and 29 more fight for the last six so who is hotter
Celeb Idol of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2005-07-14
Ok now i made changes an added some more ppl...lik Mj....Blink 182...lol i 4got dem lol....now jl...
Which celebrity is most annoying? 2005-07-26
Tell us which celeb is most annoying!
Who's the Hottest Male Celeb? 2005-07-26
Who do you think is the hottest celeb A-lister?
Gwen Stefani Vs Rose Mcgowan 2005-07-29
Who is Hotter?
Katie Couric Catfights 2005-08-03
Who would YOU want to see katie fight?
2005 SUMMER Hot Bodies 2005-08-09
Now, there are a lot of hot summer bodies out there right now and I want to know the hottest.
Favorite Hollywood BOOTY rOuNd 3 2005-08-11
Tell me whos booty is the best. I eliminated Nicole Richie & Brittany Murphy in Round 2. I ch...
teen celebrities 2 2005-08-11
Which one is nicer? hotter? has a better career? best teen celebritie? Well you get the point
Who's Hot Who's Not? 2005-08-11
Tell us your choice
Ultimate Female Hottness Contest Round 6 2005-08-14
Who is hotter?
Bill Gates 2005-08-17
Bill Gates once said "antiquated ideas of kindness and generosity are simply bugs that must ...
My Favorite Celebrities 2005-08-17
WhIch is the hottest
Avirl Lavigne Vs Kelly Clarkson-Ultimate! 2005-08-18
Who is best overall
Who is cooler? 2005-08-22
Lets see out of these celebrities, animals, hobbies, etc who is the popular one of them all?
Sexiest EYES,LIPS,LEGS,SMILE in Hollywood Round 3 2005-08-22
Tell me who has the best asset out of each category. I will eliminate the two people who have the...
About Nicole Kidman 2005-08-25
About Nicole Kidman
Jennifer, Angelina, and Brad 2005-08-28
Did Brad do the right thing?