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The Spears Girls 6-Question Quiz 2005-02-21
Answer these six questions!
Jennifer Lopez vs Kylie Minogue vs Janet Jackson 2005-03-01
who is da best!?
Paris Hilton's EMAILS HACKED and MORE 2005-03-02
Tell me what you think. Paris phone got hacked that had private and nude pictures on it and were ...
Do you hate Charlie? 2005-03-08
After Busted split, a lot of people hate Charlie, because he's the one that left. Are you one of ...
50 SeXiEsT sTaRs: Voted By YOU 2005-03-10
Tell me who is the hottest! Information and ideas by starmagazine.
20 Best Body Makeovers 2005-03-10
This cam out of an usweekly issue. I would like to see how the results from actual people differ ...
Are You MAD About Beau Brady?!? 2005-03-10
Are You Mad About Beau Brady?!?!?!?!?!?! Well, take this poll to tell me exactly how much!
Eminem's MOCKINGBIRD video 2005-03-16
what do you think about Eminem's most touching video to date
I want to know if you like hilary duff and think shes cool (WHICH SHE IS)!
Sexy Celebrity Poll 2005-03-16
Out of all of the famous sexy stars which one do you think is thee sexiesttt?!
all about hilary duff 2005-03-16
do you like lindsay lohan or hilary duff better?
Survivor CELEBRITY Hottness round 2 2005-03-16
I eliminated the celebs with the LEAST amount of votes but took a wildcard from each, so they wil...
Hewitt vs. Lohan 2005-03-18
Give it up for the gurls!
Who will be the next Paris and Nicole? 2005-03-18
As everyone knows, Paris and Nicole are high class hoes, who destroy everything and waste their t...
WHO`S BETTER? 2005-03-21
who do you like better? choose!
the bachelor bob guiney 2005-03-29
who of those for gurls is the most beautiful?????????
50 cent, good or bad? 2005-04-07
is 50 good or bad?
Briana Banks VS Rocki Roads 2005-04-16
Guys these girls are very hot pornstar, who do you think hotter and sexier between them?
Rate HOT and SEXy Celebrities 2005 2005-04-16
Tell me what you think hot or not!
Kelly Clarkson Poll Like her or Not 2005-04-19
Tell me what you think of this great artist.
Celebrity Cleavage AWARDS 2005 2005-04-21
Tell me who you choose for the best body parts.
FRIENDS Jennifer Aniston & more 2005-04-21
Tell me what you think of this show.
Paris Hilton VS Natasha Henstridge 2005-04-26
Who is hotter?
Monica Belluci VS Natasha Henstridge 2005-04-26
Who is hotter?
Who Would You Be? 2005-04-29
Who Would You Be?