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Hottest Actress 2004-11-13
Vote for the hottest actress in three different age brackets
Hottest Couple oct/nov 2004-11-21
tell me what you think.
Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan? 2004-11-21
This is just a poll on who you like better!
Anna Nicole Smith vs Pamela Anderson 2004-11-21
who is hotter
Beyonce: With or without Destiny's Child? 2004-11-23
I love beyonce & DC but I want to know where beyonce is more successful at
teen actresses 2004-11-25
whos the greatest whos the best whos better than the rest?
Celebrity Or/Or 2004-12-03
This is the time to make a decision. Who or what do you like more?
Friends 2004-12-03
Who's your favorite friend?
Britney is the world's hated celeb 2004-12-05
proof she is hated ALOT. No exaggerations.
Wich star is the most popular 2004-12-06
you decide
Lindsay Lohan vs Amanda Bynes 2004-12-06
Who is better
Papparatzi VS sexy celebs 2004-12-06
tell me what you think about this controversy.
Colin Farrell 2004-12-06
tell me what you think about this HOT actor!
female celebs biceps 2004-12-08
Who would win these arm wrestling matches?
whos hot whos not 2004-12-09
whos the hottest and ugliest stars
Simple Polls 2004-12-15
This is a poll for everyone to vote on! Questions will be updated hopefully often.
Jessica Biel vs Kaley Cuocu 2004-12-15
Who is the hottest?
Which of these Ladies are hotter 2004-12-15
Which of these Ladies are hotter
Lisa Marie Presley vs Shannen Doherty 2004-12-20
They are both sworn enemies to Paris Hilton, but who is hotter?
Hollywood:Too THIN,Overweight,Phy. Fit? 2004-12-20
Tell me what you think?
Elisha Cuthbert vs Kirsten Dunst 2004-12-20
Mary-Jane Watson vs Girl Next Door, who is hotter?
SHANNON DOHERTY in a catfight 2004-12-26
Rate Shannon Doherty on how effective you think she would be in a catfight. Each category is rate...
Spears & Hilton voted most annoying celebrity of 2004 2004-12-26
BRITNEY SPEARS and PARIS HILTON are sharing the top spot in a new poll - as the most annoying peo...
Nicole Kidman is 2004-12-26
Is Nicole Kidman hot?
Celebrity Kinship 2004-12-27
What celebrity would you choose to be related to, or be part of their family?