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Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Victoria Beckham, Dolores O'Riordan 2007-09-02
Catfight Tournament
Gwen Stefani challenges other celebs 2007-09-02
Who is hotter?
Young celebrities: Emma-Keira-Lindsay-Mischa-Winona 2007-09-06
A poll about actresses when they where young: Andrea Elson (Alf 1st episode, 1986,17 years), Ch...
Some kind of wonderful: Lea Thompson-Mary Stuart Masterson 2007-09-06
In the 1987-film "Some kind of wonderful" there are two wonderful actresses: Lea Thomps...
Girls Next Door 2007-09-10
Christina Aguilera vs Nelly Furtado 2007-09-10
The competition
Anna Chakvetadze vs Agnes Szavay 2007-09-14
Two highlights of the US Open?
Nelly Furtado vs Gwen Stefani 2007-09-15
The competition
Olsen twins 2007-10-09
I the poll creator am a big fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley esp. since they began to shine in TOAK,I...
Sarah Connor VS. strongest female celebrities 2007-10-15
beautiful "strength" of Sarah Connor
Emma or Angelina 2007-10-30
Emma Watson vs Angelina Jolie
whats more famous 2007-10-31
this poll is just a quick and easy poll to find out what is more famous out of nickelback and Les...
Who is the hottest 2007-11-27
Who is the hottest out of the males?
Celebrity Fights part 2 2007-11-29
Who do you think would win in a fight? All of these matches are taking place inside of an octogon...
Mariah Carey 2007-12-03
Mariah Carey Fans
Ansiton vs Jolie 2007-12-06
If you love cleb news and gossip then this is the poll ofr you the aniston vs jolie catfight thin...
Ashlee and Jessica Simpson vs Haylie and Hilary Duff 2007-12-08
What if the Simpson sisters got in a hand to hand karate and judo fight with the Duff sisters.
Mitzi Kapture vs Jane Seymour 2007-12-10
fantasy match
Kim Zmeskal (Gymnast) vs. Tara Lipinski (Figure Skater) 2007-12-13
What if there was a fight between Kim and Tara. Who would win. Kim Zmeskal in 1991 World All aro...
which female eastender past and present shoud get the gunge 2007-12-18
stacey (lacey turner) tanya (jo joyner) chelsea (tiana benjamin) dawn (kara tointon) carly (...
Jamie lynn spears pregnant!!! 2007-12-27
ok as we all know shocking but true jamie lynn spears is pregnant but what do you think?
favorite actress 2007-12-27
relativley simple, which actress do you prefer?
Figure Skater and Gymnast vs the Hilton Sisters 2007-12-27
Amber Corwin and Carly Patterson appeared together at the 2006 Hilton Skating and Gymnastics Spec...
Sexiest Older Actress/Actor 2007-12-30
Sexiest Older Actress/Actor
Aniston vs Jolie (Who won?) 2008-01-02
Yes everyone's been talking about it who should of brad chose?, whos better for him? The whole an...