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Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt? 2003-12-04
who do you prefer?
Victoria Beckham Vs Michelle Pfeiffer 2003-12-05
Posh Spice Vs Catwoman
FOR BLACK WOMEN ONLY:Role Models 2003-12-16
What is your opinion on these African-American women
?¿?¿Which MALE Celeb Do You Want To Tickle?¿?¿ 2003-12-24
This poll is for people who rele would like to tickle their favorite male celeb. ENJOY!
SHANIA VS. FAITH 2003-12-24
Ninjas vs George W. Bush 2004-01-07
Hopefully ya all vote 4 the one I like!
WHO IS THE HOTTEST? 2004-01-07
my boyfriend and i have a different idea of attractive... i turned to here to settle the score.
nicole kidman is... 2004-01-07
i need to know why nicole kidman is attractive or ugly
Who's the hottest? 2004-01-07
Vote away!
which of these 4 women are hot 2004-01-09
Who is hotter
whos hotter? 2004-01-09
my poll is to find out who people think is the hottest woman.
Who has the best nose? 2004-01-13
Simple decide who has thee best nose of the two celebs in each question.
WhOs BeTtEr? Whos hotter? 2004-01-16
tell me who is better and more!!
Pick your fav celeb 2004-01-23
Pick your fav celeb
Hott Teens 2004-01-28
WHo are the hottest teens
RATE these SEXy celebrities 2004-01-28
Rate these celebrities!
Sexiest Woman of 2003 2004-01-28
An internet club I am in holds a yearly poll selecting the sexiest women of the year. The choices...
fave singers round 6 2004-02-06
one of the last rounds... by the way i cant figure out how to let you guys know who won... someon...
hottest latino actor 2004-02-11
its about which latino is the hottest
britney and madonna 2004-02-11
hey what do you think about britney and madonna?
Angelina and Jessica Alba 2004-02-13
This is about these two celebrities.
Cameron Diaz 2004-02-13
Is Cameron Diaz hot?
Hottest guy 2004-02-14
Who's the hottest guy?
the hottest actress 2004-02-17
who out of theese two do you think is hotter
orlando bloom vs jonny depp 2004-02-18
which british hunk is for you?