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Jelena Dokic - female tennis player 2003-07-01
Some question about Jelena
Gwen Stefani Vs Rose Mcgowan 2003-07-01
No doubt lead singer vs 4th charmed one
All Girls poll Round 2 2003-07-14
Hotness/music/acting. Christina Aguilera eliminated Celine Dione with 90% of 33 votes. Jlo got 85...
Jennifer Garner Angelina Jolie Cameron Diaz 2003-07-16
Who is the hottest bad ass chick??? Jennifer Garner, Angelina Jolie, or Cameron Diaz.
Greatest Glamour Model 2003-07-24
They've battled it out in the tablods - but who do you think is the greatest glamour model of all...
NICOLE KIDMAN 2003-07-25
Rate the sexy, elegant, classy, sophisticated, classic Nicole Kidman
Sexxiest Lady 2003-07-25
These are the most famous actresses of today. Who is the hottest?
Hottest Celebrity Female DOUBLES - Round 1 2003-07-25
Vote for your favorite of two selections that consist of two females each.
Philippine showbiz hottest women 2003-07-28
franzENTERTAINMENT poll: Philippine women on top
Which Of These 10 Women Are Hot 2003-08-02
Who's the most gorgeous guy eva? 2003-08-02
this iz a question that's asked all the time... so answer it!!!
Which celeb is DaButt, DaBosom, DaFace? 2003-08-10
These are my favourite celebs, they're butts, bosoms and faces are all fascinating...
First and Only time 2003-08-13
If, for the first and only time you may spend one night with a woman, who would tou pick
Top Girls 2003-08-14
Choose In different categories if youre a chick, my poll about guys is at: http://www.misterpoll...
Britney Spears Vs Victoria Beckham 2003-08-15
Pop Icon Vs Posh Spice Who is sexier
The Real Jennifer Lopez vs. Mariah Carey Showdown 2003-08-18
There is a "very popular" poll on this site about Jennifer, as she preffers to be calle...
Last 24 hours SINGLE CHAMPION 2003-08-19
How would you like to spent our last 24 hours?
This poll is for all girls and some guys if ur into that kinda stuff....its a poll of the hottest...
Who is the hottest actor from the LOTR? 2003-08-22
Male Celebrities
Who is the Hottest Rock Star??? 2003-08-26
Hottest Rock Star
Elvis Aron Presley 2003-08-28
This Poll is about Elvis Presley (what more do i gotta say LOL)
Hottest Female Contest Round 2 2003-09-03
Who is hotter
5 Babes Matches 2003-09-03
Who is hotter
10FEMALE 10 QUESTIONS 2003-09-04
Witch Female do you think is HOT and rate her !!!!
WHO IS YOUR BET??? 2003-09-08
Please cast your vote to determine who among our choices down here deserves to be our icon on a s...