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Hogwarts' Strongest 2008-12-31
Who is the strongest of them all?
Celebrity bra sizes and breast guesses 2008-04-23
Since we never get tired of breasts, or apparently of celebrities, here's another chance to put t...
Who's Hotter? 2004-08-16
Chicks are hot.Fat ones are not.
Young Celeb Catfights 2008-04-14
Who would win these fights and how?
Tickling Female Celebrities 2004-04-07
Which of these famous females would you most like to tickle?
finally some physical education at hogwarts... 2009-07-21
girls from hogwarts (and surroundings) in some stimulating activities... who are the strong ones?
Who's Prettier? 2007-11-13
Just to find out who you think is prettier =D
World's Greatest Thinkers & Leaders & Scientists & People! 2006-01-14
Who do you think was the most inspiring person? Who inspired you? Who was the least helpful? Vote...
Teen Stars Catfights!!!!!!!!! 2005-01-11
Who do you prefer? or Or?
Emma Watson vs Amanda Bynes 2008-09-01
The two most popular women when it comes to fighting polls meet in a secret gym area for a fighti...
CELEBRITY BREAST SIZE POLL - Category 1 2003-03-22
What size do you reckon the following celebrities breasts are? Choose one of the three cup sizes ...
Girl Star Tournament RD1 (Emma Watson vs Anna Popplewell) 2007-08-18
The infamous teen tournament returns. Due to popular demand, i have decided to bring in a new tee...
Teen Stars Catfights!!!!!!!!!! (round 2) 2005-04-19
Teen Stars in catfights!!!
Avril Lavigne vs. Emma Watson-stomach punching 2007-12-07
Avril Lavigne vs. Emma Watson-stomach punching
incredible spanking poll 2006-03-23
what is better?
Amanda Bynes catfights 2009-03-22
Can Amanda beat out these strong powerful women? Or will she be crushed by these hotties?
Queen of /tv/ 2010-02-12 (closed)
Choose wisely
Female celebs - Medal or Gunge? 2007-11-09
Welcome to our medal or gunge poll. Which Female Celebs deserve a medal and which should be gunge...
Who has SLEPT with the Most People 2005-06-30
Tell me what you think.
Heather Thomas vs Catherine Bach 2010-09-14
Heather Thomas(Jody Banks-The Fall Guy) versus Catherine Bach(Daisy Duke-The Dukes of Hazzard) &...
indian summer catfights 2007-10-02
some celebs catfight on a sunny day
Breasts REAL or FAKE? 2004-05-19
tell me what you think, are they fake or not?
Elisabetta Canalis fights 2007-11-29
Who is the most beautiful of them all? 2003-10-20
hot chicks
Jennifer Lopez vs Anne Heche 2007-12-06
<img src="http://backseatcuddler.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/jennifer_lopez_gma1.jpg&q...