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Kelly Brook Wrestling/ Fighting 2017-04-27
Having trained in MMA & dated a Jiu-Jitsu champion, could Kelly Brook defeat a male in one on...
Xenia Tchoumi celebrity fantasies 2017-04-26
All questions I can think of about Xenia Tchoumi fantasies. DISCLAIMER: we do not encourage an...
Celebrity Fantasies with Xenia Tchoumi and you (or your girlfriend) 2017-04-24
Plenty of fantasy questions involving Xenia Tchoumi, celebrities and you or your g/f
Celebrity Domme and slaves fantasies 2017-04-24
Celebrity fantasies unleashed
Scarlett Johansson 2017-04-19
She's 5'3" and 126 pounds. Is she more like Black Widow or one of her other characters from ...
another vintage year of 1990 girls clash 2017-04-15
1990 girls - who wins a catfight?
Carolyn Reese vs Veronica Rayne 2017-04-08 (closed)
Which pornstar destroys the other in a rough catfight? <img src="https://c1.staticflic...
Wrestling WWE Divas: Past & Present 2017-04-06
The WWE Divas are know for being strong athletes, but could they defeat a male? Features Divas fr...
Alice Eve and her British colleagues 2017-03-28
The girls in a rough fight...
Wrestling/ Fighting Scarlett Johansson, Kylie Jenner & Hilary Duff 2017-03-24
Can Scarlett Johansson, Kylie & Hilary Duff defeat a weak male who's made fun of them? (This ...
emma and her indian connection 2017-03-21
emma watson kissed and seduced by her indian lover...
Rachel Aldana vs Lucy Pinder .. finished, almost! 2017-03-16 (closed)
Lucy survived the kick to the chest that was voted for, but not the punch. Rachel has won this ma...
Hogwarts - Castle of Vampires 2017-03-02
One night all girls in and around Hogwarts turn into vampires. Lady loving vampires... What would...
Clan Walking Dead 2017-02-27
The girls in a catfight
Stars and Fairy Tales 2017-02-27
Fairy Tales turned Cartoons turned Stars... Who is stronger in real life?
Nicki Minaj Wrestling/ Fighting 2017-02-22
Nicki often sings about how tough she is, but is she tough enough to beat a male up? Click th...
Sexy Female Celebrity Jobbers 2017-02-20
Which sexy celeb babes could you beat at wrestling?
Tickling Lady Gaga 2017-02-19
<img class="irc_mi" src="https://i.ytimg.com/vi/udWmYGvJ2t8/maxresdefault.jpg&q...
Tickling Amanda Bynes 2017-02-19
<img class="irc_mi" src="http://img.7te.org/images/570x363/amanda-bynes-hot-ama...
Tickling Cheryl Cole 2017-02-19
<img style="-webkit-user-select: none;background-position: 0px 0px, 10px 10px;background-...
Tickling Eliza Dushku 2017-02-19
<img alt="Gerelateerde afbeelding" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-7dhdzI62_-g/U...
the vampire diaries vs. harry potter final round 2017-02-14 (closed)
which girl is stronger?
Wrestling & Fighting Combat Trained Actresses 2017-02-14
These actresses have trained in martial arts for fitness & films, but could they defeat a lar...
Still more celebs in action 2017-02-07
Thank you Twitter for giving us more celebs talking crap about each other
Clan Harry Potter 2017-02-05
The girls in a catfight