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The most beautiful actress of all time 2002-06-13
Who do you think is the most gorgeous actress of all time (living or dead)?
Who is the physically strongest and weakest celebrity?
The Poll 2002-06-10
Please Vote on Who you think is the most attractive?
which is betta? 2002-06-10
Pick which u think is better
Hottest guys 2002-06-07
Who do you think is the hottest guy of the century?
Sexy 2002-06-06
Who is Sexc R
Rappers 2002-06-06
This Poll is all about Rappers
Celebrity Catfights Round 2!! 2002-05-31
Here is round two of Celebrity catfights! Round one winners and losers as well as info can be fo...
Nasty & Gross Celebs 2002-05-31
Why are there so many gross famous people in the media and on TV? We don't know... But pick the s...
Celebrity Legs Contest 2002-05-31
Who is the female celebrity with the best legs?
what do you think of the best actor 2002-05-31
to know who is the best actor
Sexy Legs Poll 2002-05-24
Which celebrity legs are the hottest?
do you like maria sharapova? 2002-05-19
please only answer appropriate questions
The Hottest Celebrity Women in the World 2002-05-18
Whos the best all around? 2002-05-16
Hi this is to for everyone to get the chance to show everyone who your favorite people are!!!
Melissa Joan Hart vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt 2002-05-12
Which girl do you think is better in the following??
Celebrity Catfights!!!!! 2002-05-12
What do you think would happen??? This is round one. Winners will move on to round two which wi...
What happened 2 Kurt Cobain? 2002-04-30
Was it suicide, or was it courtney Love?
Ultimate Cinematic Deathmatch Tournament: Round 3 2002-04-25
8 characters have advanced to the third round. Rules are simple: vote for who would win in a figh...
Jerry Hall 2002-04-22
Do Women have the right to have an opinion about Male Limbidos?
Do I dare to kill a "beach"? 2002-04-15
I've always refered to that awful standardized form of beauty that shops at Abercrombie and think...
Hottie Competition- Contestants 2002-04-13
Please select the person you think is the hottest out of the foloowing people. This is the conte...
WWF Superstars----*Who's Sexy?*(Chix Only) 2002-04-12
You Vote On Who You Think Is Sexy And Who You Think Is Not!
Celebrity Mixed Wrestling 2002-04-01
In this poll you can let your imagination run wild.Here are some fantasy questions about mixed ce...
Celebrity Wrestling Fantasy 2002-03-17
Guys, here's a chance to have fun and let your imagination run wild. Pick the female celebs you'...