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Britney Spears Breasts 2002-08-06
This poll aims to establish the public's view on Britney Spears' breasts
Sexiest Women 2002-08-05
Who is the sexiest woman in each field
Girls against Boys 2002-08-05
celeb fights, who'd win?
Male Celebrities Contest 2002-07-29
It has begun the 2nd round of Male Celebrities Contest. You can vote as many time as you want. Vo...
Brad Pitt vs. Tom Cruise 2002-07-21
They are both known for Interview with the Vampire! They have starred along side for many years, ...
Female Looks 2002-07-18
Who Looks Better?
Which Woman is Hotter? (For Men Only) 2002-07-17
Given a choice, which woman would you choose?
J'lo vs Mandy 2002-07-15
Who's better J'lo or Mandy Moore
Sexiest 2002-07-15
Who's Hot?
Men of star wars 2002-07-14
Who's the hottest man on star wars? Come in and vote for your man!
Pamela Anderson + Kid Rock = ..? 2002-07-14
Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock were recently engaged...
Britney or Shakira -- who is stronger? 2002-07-14
This poll is one way to prove whether Britney Spears and Shakira really are similar -- let us dec...
Male celebs. Gay or straight? 2002-07-09
This poll was already out there, but not in usable form. There will be a box for Gay, Bi, Straig...
Hottiest aratist 2002-07-08
Hey!!! Those are the guyz we all know . They are all cute but who is the hottiest?? you vote for...
UGLY (ugliest!) male celebrities 2002-07-01
This isn't a nice topic, and since I was an 'ugly duckling' during part of my childhood, I know f...
Cutest Guy Ever 2002-06-29
Pick the guy from the list you think is the hottest. ((I know it's hard, but you have to try))
who's cuter? 2002-06-28
Who looks better? Keanu Reeves or Freddie Prinze Jr?
Entertainment Poll 2002-06-25
Choose between these celebs. Britney or Christina??? Nsync or BSB??? Take the Poll.
The Hottest Female Celebs!! 2002-06-24
Which famous ladies are the hottest? This is a real short poll to find out just that!
Best Fighter 2002-06-18
which do you think would win a fight if they were the same age. Which one has most experience at...
Which movie do you think Josh Hartnett acts best in? 2002-06-18
Which Josh movie does he act the best in
Female Celeb Stomach Punching Contest 2002-06-18
Wich of these girls would dominate and force the other to fall on the ground crying in a belly pu...
wil wheaton is hot 2002-06-13
do you think wil wheaton is hot (guys and girls)
I will write some stories and put them at my club do to these results.
Voting On Destiny's Child 2002-06-13
Destiny's Child